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BlackBerry dictation software for lawyers released


GavelBighand is now offering some dictation software for BlackBerry geared specifically towards lawyers. With Mobilitysuite‘s BlackBerry dictation, you can record, save, and send audio files Alongside the other bundled dictation apps, the Mobilitysuite lets you do your dictations by e-mail, web, phone or BlackBerry (both BIS and BES).

BlackBerry dictation – allows users using BlackBerry operating system 4.2 (or 4.2.1 on the 8700) to record, edit and playback digital dictations on their BlackBerry smartphone and immediately upload them wirelessly into their BigHand3 Server for flexible workflow routing and office-based completion or transcription. Both BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Internet Service architectures are supported … Steve Butterworth, CEO & President of BigHand, Inc describes: “Mobility is an area we are seeing law firms increasingly focus on, with our voice tools enabling greater connectivity and expediting document production while on the move. Turning your BlackBerry into a dictation device will also save law firm budgets as lawyers will not need to carry two devices for out of the office dictation. But most importantly, due to the immediate transfer of voice back to the office, legal documents are being provided to clients quicker than ever.