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Makers of Time Tracking Software Momentem - Widality, Acquired by Wmode


Here at BlackBerryCool we’ve been working with Widality for some time. The company, formerly Redwood Technologies, makes a cool app called Momentem. Momentem is a time tracking app that lets users keep tracking off the time they have spent on a client for billing purposes. Widality’s President Terry Hughes, has had a few articles on the site and has always been a helpful source of information in the BlackBerry space.

Read Terry Hughes’ The Three Rounds of the App Store Battle

As part of the Widality acquisition, Wmode will accelerate investment in Momentem, and expand the application to embrace the Super App possibilities, as well as multi-language packages, and multiple platforms including support for the new BlackBerry 6.0 operating system.

Terry Hughes, President of Widality, is joining Wmode as Head of Market Development.

Top 10 BlackBerry Apps for the Mobile Worker


FireceMobileIT have published their Top 10 BlackBerry Apps for the Mobile Worker and it has some really useful apps that are worth checking out.

Here are their Top Ten:

1. Call Time Tracker - Helps business professionals keep track of their time on their BlackBerry so they can better bill their clients. (FREE)

2. Nice Office - A cool app that turns your BlackBerry into a virtual mobile office. Manage your email, calendar, contacts, and tasks. Store forms and documents online and send them directly to your customers and more. (FREE)

3. Exgis Expense Tracker - Exgis Expense Tracker is an easy-to-use productivity tool that lets you track your expenses from your BlackBerry as soon as they are incurred. ($4.99)

4. Personal Assistant - Helps you keep track of spending by tracking all of your online accounts. (FREE)

5. Poynt - One of the best LBS apps for BlackBerry and with their upcoming features they’ll be even better. (FREE)

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Widality President and Momentem developer talks lessons learned


091024 no1 business app screenshot

As the developer of one of the most popular business category apps on BlackBerry App World – “Call Time Tracker by momentem” – Terry has learned a lot about how to build a compelling app. In this article, he talks about how he spends his day, and there are some valuable lessons in this article for all app developers.

Terry writes:

After users download our app, they have to enter their email address to sign up for our free service. These days, most people are wary of doing that, so to overcome that our description on App World has to be sufficiently friendly and credible; the end result is that 70% of all downloads sign up for the service with a valid email address, which we believe is industry-leading.
Read more from the President of Widality and his experiences making a great app

100 free annual subscriptions to the momentem call tagging service


Regular readers of BlackBerry Cool will know that we have featured a cool new app / service that allows you to tag and allocate your mobile calls so that you can bill more, recover more costs, and make more sense of your phone bill. It’s called momentem, and last week we interviewed their President, Terry Hughes.

The company wants to give back to the community and are offering 100 BlackBerry Cool readers the chance to get a whole year of access to the full momentem service for free. The great thing about this contest is everyone who enters wins. Those not lucky enough to be in the 100 will still get a copy of the free version Call Time Tracker.

Call Time Tracker is the lite version of momentem and you can always upgrade if you like what you see. The full version allows you to tag your calls, emails, activities and expenses, and you can get unlimited on-demand reports from the system, whereas the free version only does call tagging and there’s only one report, generated on the last day of the month.

Entering is easy:

Go to this webpage momentem.net/bbcool.asp and enter your email address. Simple as that.

The competition closes in just a few days, so hurry.

Time tracking software momentem updates and interview


It’s been a few months since Doug and Nan here at BlackBerry Cool came across a really useful app and service, called momentem. The guys loved the app and wrote a reallu positive review at the time. I recently sat down for an interview with Terry Hughes, the President of the company that offers the momentem service, to find out what progress has been made since then.

BBCool Kyle: Terry, remind the readers what momentem is all about.

Terry Hughes: It’s a clever combination of handset software coupled with a SaaS (software as a service). It allows BlackBerry users to tag and allocate their calls and other mobile activity to clients, projects, billable, etc. Our subscribers use momentem on a daily basis to either recover more of their mobile costs, account for their time, or make sense of their mobile phone bill. It’s instantly downloadable, the user is up and running within 9 minutes, there’s no set-up or integration required, and there’s an immediate payback.
Continue reading about momentem and updates surrounding the company and product

momentem: Power Software (Nan the Power User)


Momentem for BlackBerry
Nan the Power User

Welcome back, BlackBerry Nation, to Nan the Power User! Today, we are going to check out Momentem from Redwood Technologies. Momentem is time tracking software that helps you squeeze every last drop of billable time from your BlackBerry. Let me start by disclosing that I typically don’t purchase software for my BlackBerry. I’m a deal hunter who looks for free apps or beta tests to slide in for free. Further, monthly subscriptions scare me more than rattlesnakes in the floorboard of the Jeep at the ranch. (Everyone else is folksy these days; I wanted to take a stab at it.) So when I was asked to check out Momentem at $9.99 per month, I was prepared not to like it.

Nan’s Momentem Review