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momentem for BlackBerry Hands-on


momentem for BlackBerry

The ‘TEM’ in momentem stands for “telecom expense management“, which sounds fairly abstract to those unfamiliar with the term. In the context of this extremely valuable business/prosumer application, what this means is the ability to measure the time and cost of practically everything you do on your BlackBerry by tagging it. That obviously sounds a little overwhelming, but momentem makes it fairly painless and extremely rewarding.

Last week, Redwood Technologies officially announced momentem’s availability in the UK via Orange, but Redwood actually gave us a build to play with during the BlackBerry Developer Conference. I’m pretty behind in delivering this hands-on impressions post, but that’s (mostly) because I wasn’t ready for how momentem was going to change the way I use my BlackBerry. If you consider yourself a power BlackBerry user in any fashion, you have to read this hands-on.

momentem for BlackBerry Hands-on