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Get out of school debt-free with BlackBerry


Graduate with BlackBerry

RIM is kicking off the back-to-school season in a language that all students can understand: money. Enter to win one of 20 $1,0000 prizes, one of three $10,000 prizes and a shot at the big mamma-jamma $50,000 grand prize. A pretty sweet deal for putting your name in a hat. Go ahead and check out the contest site for more info and conditions. On top of that, the Trade-Up program is generously offering an extra $50 to students who upgrade their BlackBerry and use the coupon code “graduate”. If you’re looking to kit out a fresh BlackBerry you just bought for school, you might want to check out our top five picks for student applications. And hey, while you’re while you’re cruising for handouts, why not sign up to win a car, too?

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SplashMoney launched on BlackBerry


SplashMoney for BlackBerryWhether you’re expensing lunches, or just like to keep a balanced checkbook, the recently-launched SplashMoney has a few things to offer. Previously available on Windows Mobile and Palm, SplashMoney shows multiple accounts, categorizes expenses and gives you access to a wealth of budget information. There’s a matching desktop app available, giving you tools to juice up your BlackBerry with all the numbers and data you need to stay in the black. Pie charts, wireless banking, secure Blowfish encryption, and currency conversions are just some of the features available to the BlackBerry-packing penny-pinchers out there. Check out SplashMoney for BlackBerry for more.

Obopay lets you pay by BlackBerry


ObopayIf you’re looking for a quick and easy way to transfer funds on your mobile, Obopay has announced that they’re now supporting BlackBerry. All you have to do is fill up your Obopay account with cash, and you can wire it directly to other users for a scant $0.10 per transaction. This seems like the perfect thing for students living abroad and need to call home for emergency money, and parents are able to wire it over right away, no matter where they are. Based on the demo, it sounds like Obopay’s working on gathering partners so you can pay for goods and services directly from your account, rather than just transfer between users. Verizon and Helio are both already on board, so maybe we’ll see more folks signing up soon. The service is only in the United States for now, so if you’re in that neck of the woods, you can sign up here.