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Monilink offers BlackBerry banking app



Banking via mobile sites can take a long time over EDGE networks, but anyone in the UK can now enjoy Monetise’s newest application, Monilink. Many major banks like Natwest and HSBC are already signed on, with many more on the way. Soon they’ll be able to send out text alerts when your bank balance getting dangerously low – certainly a healthy reminder to have for the big spenders out there. A service that British ATMs already offer is mobile top-ups, which Monilink will also provide. Prepaid BlackBerrys might not be popular, but they’re out there and could stand to benefit. Sound promising? There’s more on the way.

“Monitise expects to announce the availability of its services in other territories across the world, as well as the introduction of a range of new services, including inter-account transfers, peer to peer payments, bill settlement, international remittances and contactless (Near Field Communication) payments.”

(via Finextra)