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Rogers rolling out HSDPA


Flying Monkeys HSDPA, eh? Let’s take a look at the supposed coverage… Montreal… Toronto… Edmonton… Calgary… Ottawa… London… Wait, Ottawa? We’re in Ottawa. Release the flying monkeys! Find the signal, you abominations of nature! Fly, my pretties, fly! We’ll let you folks know as soon as we get a taste of HSDPA coverage here in Ottawa. Full urban rollouts are expected in Q1 2008. Go figure that Rogers is keeping quiet about this, it’s kind of their style.

Update! The monkeys have returned, and we’ve got vision on HSDPA in Ottawa, so data’s working, but the full shebang isn’t quite ready to go. Rogers has been working on a soft release over the last year, so it’s good to see things finally coming to fruition.

Update 2! Another one of my monkeys has just returned to the roost after extended reconnaissance. Rogers is aiming to have every tower pumping out HSDPA and GSM/EDGE yumminess by the end of 2007. Southern Ontario has been covered for awhile now, and a lot of Alberta is already packing HSDPA. London and Windsor should be running smoothly presently.