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Sava Transmedia’s Jesse Glick On Monetizing Free To Play Games


Sava Transmedia is a Montreal game studio of about 30 employees that makes the popular Facebook and iOS game Rubber Tacos. The game is free to play and is published by Zynga, which gives them a great deal of exposure and the volume required to make free to play work. We sat down at MIGS 2012 with Sava’s Director of Monetization Design, Jesse Glick.
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BlackBerryCool Representing at MIGS 2012


BlackBerryCool is at the Montreal International Game Summit from today until Wednesday. We’ve got some interesting interviews lined up with Unity, OMERS, Sava Transmedia, Benox and Hibernum Creations so stay tuned. Generally, we want to hear about developers thoughts on BlackBerry 10, as well as some opinions from publishers and investors. If you’re a game developer, check back each day for new content.
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Register Today for the Ottawa Game Conference and Get 20% Off


The Ottawa Game Conference is a great event for those in the Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa regions who are in the gaming industry. There’s a lot of content around mobile gaming, and RIM’s Patrick Mollins will be doing a talk called “Back Seat Gaming” on the conference’s biz track. The conference organizers are giving BlackBerryCool readers 20% off the ticket price so if you’re in the area, stop by and learn a thing or two.
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Startup Showcase: Hoot.me Helps Students Collaborate On Facebook #startupfest



Hoot.me is a Facebook app that leverages the social network to help students better collaborate on projects, classes, assignments and more. According to the founders: “We switch your Facebook into study mode by connecting you with friends to collaborate on homework and projects.”

Facebook is a great platform for Hoot.me since Facebook began with targeting the student demographic and the company’s target market spends a great deal of time on the site. Also, since a typical student’s network will almost certainly be 100% on Facebook, the social interactions and collaboration potential is huge.
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Startup Showcase: Eliminate Car Purchasing Headaches With Unhaggle #startupfest


Watch this intro video for Unhaggle.com.

Unhaggle is a cool startup that aims to make the car purchasing process much easier. The traditional way of buying a car involved figuring out what car you want, researching typical costs of said car, and then physically going to dealerships to find a good deal. The process took a long time and if you’re approached by some pushy car salesmen, you could walk off the lot with a different car than the one you wanted. Unhaggle.com flips the marketplace around and aims to make the dealers compete for your business. According to the site:

Unhaggle was built to empower car buyers. We take the mystery out of getting the best deal while you enjoy exceptional customer service (satisfaction guaranteed). We work with progressive and reputable dealers who share the same beliefs. Your identity and information is always protected throughout our secured online process.

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Startup Showcase: Discover Art Around the World With Art Sumo #startupfest


art sumo

Anyone who has traveled a lot knows that the developing world is a fascinating place to discover art. Each culture has a unique style and since developing countries don’t have the same media infrastructure, you probably will never hear about some of the incredible artists coming out of places like India. Art Sumo aims to help connect potential art buyers with works of art from both the developed and developing world via a newsletter. According to the founder:

At Art Sumo, we give you the opportunity to virtually travel the world just by checking your email each day. We scour the globe to provide you with access to one handcrafted, one-of-a-kind painting from an undiscovered artist daily, at exclusive, members-only pricing. Think of us as a daily round-trip ticket to the art bazaars of Thailand, India, or even Southern France..

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