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More details on the Motorola and RIM litigious battles


Motorola and RIM have been in legal disputes for a long time. Back in February of 2008, RIM claimed that Motorola refused to license some of its patents “on a fair and reasonable basis”, mainly in rebuttal to an initial litigation by Motorola. RIM also accused Motorola of using 9 of RIM’s patents without permission, a complaint in response to Motorola claiming RIM is using 7 of theirs.

A magistrate judge recently ruled that Motorola patent-infringement claims against RIM will be put on hold while the U. S. government reviews the patents.

At RIM’s request, the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office is taking a second look at 10 Motorola patents. Judge William Sanderson said in Dallas on June 15 that the civil suit was “still in its infancy” and it would help to have an additional review by the patent office before it goes further with those claims.



Mobile manufacturers struggle to keep up with RIM


Recently, major mobile phone manufacturers such as Nokia, Motorola and Samsung agreed to produce a standardized charger for the industry. The companies will be switching to mini USB, the same standard charger as the BlackBerry. I know exactly how that meeting went:

“Guys, we need a standard char…McDonnel! Pay attention, we’re having a meeting here.”
“Sorry sir, my BlackBerry died and I’m looking for the charger.”
“Here you go McDonnel. I borrowed this from Frank in HR.”
“Wait a minute…”



Motorola to cut 50% of handset operation?


If even a year ago you had told me that in early 2009 Palm would be resurgent and Motorola would inching ever closer to the deadpool, I would have slapped you like a young Cary Grant and sent you to the looney bin. Well, make room for me too, because it seems like the whole world has gone looney tunes.

Our friends at Phone Scoop are reporting that Motorola’s handset division is expecting a large round of layoffs as soon as this week. While Moto’s set top box, networking equipment and enterprise device businesses will not be affected, up to 50% of the entire handset operation may be gone. Phone Scoop is also reporting that Motorola will not have a booth at CTIA in Vegas this April, and is looking to launch only a dozen handsets per year, all based on Google’s Android OS.

Sad times for a company that used to define cellphone cool with the RAZR, and had a decent BlackBerry competitor in the Moto Q. Here’s hoping that putting all their eggs in the Android basket will save the company.

|via PhoneScoop|


RIM sues Motorola for ‘unfair competition’ practices


RIM logoThis isn’t really the news anyone wants to hear during the Christmas season, but it appears as though Motorola needs a holiday lesson about the value of sharing. RIM filed suit with Motorola on Christmas Eve, alleging that the mobile phone company has improperly blocked their attempts to hire current and laid-off Motorola employees. The suit, filed in state court in Chicago on Tuesday, comes three months after Motorola alleged that RIM violated an agreement reached in February that the two companies would not solicit each other’s employees. RIM has asked for a court order to invalidate the agreement, saying in its complaint that the pact had expired in August and was no longer enforceable.

“RIM entities continue to grow and hire new employees within the United States and globally against a backdrop of recent public announcements by Motorola that it has and will continue to make massive layoffs,” said RIM’s lawsuit.

RIM is also seeking unspecified damages for what it called “unfair competition” practices by Motorola. Motorola spokeswoman Jennifer Weyrauch-Erickson declined to comment on the lawsuit.

|via Reuters|


BlackBerry Connect coming to India


BlackBerry Connect on BPL Mobile

Indian carrier BPL is now offering BlackBerry Connect on a wide variety of handsets, including the Moto Q9h and the Nokia Communicator. BlackBerry Connect brings all of the back-end goodness like push email, data security and personal information syncing of BlackBerry to other platforms like Symbian and Windows Mobile. Clearly BlackBerry services are picking up at a decent clip again since that security mess awhile back, and I think we’re all pretty glad to see it.

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Nokia still rocks the mobile browser roost


International mobile browser share

The latest report from mobile advertising agency AdMob ran through some numbers based on the four billion ads they’ve served up. As you can see, Nokia remains top dog in mobile browsing activity, capturing a solid 34% of the global share thanks primarily to heavy adoption in Africa and Asia, followed up closely by Openwave (AKA WAP) at 29%. BlackBerry took a sad little 3% slice of the pie, right along side Motorola, Palm’s and Apple’s browsers. The BlackBerry 8300 and BlackBerry 8100 are still on the American Top Ten handsets list, though the top four spots are taken by Motorola. Even internationally, the Pearl does alright, getting 9th. place. In terms of geography, Indonesia has seen about ten times more traffic than last year, and Asia on the whole has seen a significant increase in activity.

(AdMob via Electronista)