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Some Thoughts on The Netflix App for PlayBook


There’s been a lot of buzz about the Netflix app for PlayBook from users and media alike. As soon as Netflix tweeted they won’t be supporting PlayBook, the media jumped on it thinking that the reason was because the PlayBook was somehow inferior. We’ve talked to people at RIM and sources close to the situation, and we can certainly say that the reason to not go with the PlayBook has absolutely nothing to do with the tablet’s hardware or software. Sure, volume sales might have something to do with it, but not really when you consider Netflix has a Vita and 3DS app. It more likely has to do with politics and behind-the-scenes discussions. Some thoughts below from us and a link to our buddy Doug at Untether.
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Review of Lord of the Rings: Middle Earth Defense [Tower Defense]


LOTR: Middle Earth Defence is a tower defense game by Glu based on the Lord of the Rings feature films. The game follows Frodo and the fellowship of the ring on their long journey towards Mordor to destroy the ring in the same evil volcano in which the ring was originally forged. If you’re thinking about purchasing this game, you should definitely read this review.
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FILM App Gives You Movie Trailers and Info for the Netherlands


This is a pretty niche app but we have quite a few readers from the Netherlands and we’re happy to check out any app that ends up in our tip box. FILM is a free app that gives you low/hiqh/hd quality trailers as well as movie info. Click through for more details.
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Buy Tickets and Find Theaters with the MovieTickets.com App


movietickets app

MovieTickets.com has released their BlackBerry app and it allows you to purchase tickets, browse movies and showtimes and find theaters. One of the downsides to many of these applications is the inability to select particular seats for movie premiers which can be really frustrating when you arrive at the theater and get stuck with whatever seats are left. It’s for this reason that you often have to go to the theater’s site to purchase your tickets. So while using these apps can be very convenient, it’s always important to double check.

To download the app point your browser to getbb.movietickets.com.

Blockbuster coming to the handheld?


Yeah, there’s a lot to be desired when it comes to watching movies on mobile, but movie rental powerhouse Blockbuster is testing the waters, with BlackBerry in particular. By using their recently-acquired Movielink digital movie service, Blockbuster CEO James Keyes was able to throw a flick onto a memory card and pop it into his BlackBerry. All of the hassle of sideloading hasn’t gone unnoticed, as he readily admits “The challenge is how do I make this convenient for everybody”. Streaming video support is available in OS 4.3, and combined with a solid 3G connection, renting a movie while on the fly doesn’t seem entirely out of the question. Technical possibility aside, selling the idea to consumers is going to be the tricky part. How many people want to spend more than an hour staring at a two-inch screen?

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