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Movistar announces BlackBerry Bold launch in Venezuela


venequalan flag

Fresh off the tip line comes yet another country not named America to launch the BlackBerry Bold. We’ve been told that Movistar Venezuela has officially launched the BlackBerry Bold for enterprise customers, with availability for the general populace to come next week, around the time that many hope the AT&T version will make an appearance.

Movistar will be offering the BlackBerry Bold for BsF 1,999 or USD 928. Our friends over at zonablackberry.com.vehave a press release available (if you speak Spanish), as well as pictures from Movistar’s recent BlackBerry Bold launch event.

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BlackBerry Bold launches in Ecuador and Turkey


BlackBerry Bold

We’ve got two more international BlackBerry 9000 launches for ya – Turkcell will be offering the BlackBerry 9000 with an 18-month unlimited internet package for YTL 99. Check out Turkcell’s online store for more info on the Bold and some interesting umlaut usage (my favourite is “çözünürlüklü”). Movistar Ecuador and Porta will both be carrying the BlackBerry 9000 around the end of the month, but no info on pricing just yet.

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BlackBerry Bold launches in Chile, Hong Kong soon


BlackBerry Bold from PCCW

All of the excitement over the BlackBerry Bold is finally coming to fruition as some of the first carriers begin to offer the new handset. PCCW is offering the BlackBerry 9000 in their online store for $1,988 (around $US 260), although it sounds like it’s only available for preorder. 1010 is also teasing with their offer due in “mid-August”, which should include Chinese language support. Chile’s Movistar has also gone live, at a considerably steeper $299,990 (around $588). Hong Kong’s launch party and Movistar’s early info in their online store showed some definite progress on the Bold-front, but I doubt anyone was expecting these guys to bring it out so soon. Obviously we can expect the the BlackBerry Bold to be hitting up more local carriers soon, but it’s still a bit crazy that Chile of all places is getting it before everyone else.

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BlackBerry Bold coming to Chile


Claro BlackBerry Bold

Our few Chilean readers will be happy to hear that Movistar and Claro both have the BlackBerry Bold on the way sometime in August. There’s no word on pricing for the BlackBerry 9000, but right now the best guesses are hovering around the $US 300 mark. We’re still holding out breath for a BlackBerry 9000 release up here in Canada, but only time will tell if Chile and the rest of the world end up getting it before us.

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BlackBerry 8120 lands in Chile


ChileJoining the Carphone Warehouse today, is Movistar with their announced BlackBerry 8120. The Wi-Fi Pearl is sporting titanium and blue colour schemes, running for about $285.900. Movistar has plans to be bumping this sucker out to other countries in the area. Speaking of which, I wonder how the 8310 has been spreading down there…? We have any South American readers who can let us know how it’s doing?