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‘Cool Hacks: configure Thunderbird to work with your BlackBerry


Before I submitted to the mail client behemoth that is Outlook (or, more specifically, it’s purple Mac counterpart Entourage), I was a satisfied Thunderbird user. Unwilling to make the switch, however, a helpful member of the BlackBerry Nation has devised a way to integrate Thunderbird (on any other non-Outlook email client) with your BlackBerry in an Exchange fashion. Here’s a quick summary of the process.

Thunderbird is the primary email application that is used on a desktop to send, receive and file messages. Blackberry is a secondary email application that is used to send and receive email messages remotely. User needs to (1) use a single email address known to the outside world, (2) be able to receive and send email to and from this single email address from either the Blackberry or Thunderbird, (3) maintain a complete record in Thunderbird of all sent and received email (whether sent or received from the Blackberry or Thunderbird).

While it may sound like a MacGyver-esque process, we have the full instructions posted after the jump, in four quick steps. Post a comment and let us know if the solution works for you.

ThunderBird/BlackBerry Configuration Instructions

Firefox going mobile


FirefoxMozilla has made their intentions for mobile browsing loud and clear in a recent blog post, having announced two new hires and an eye to the mobile experience while they develop their next generation of Firefox. The BlackBerry Browser has had its chops busted by the community as a whole, but we’ve had a sneak peak at the next one, which will include tabbed browsing and a search bar. Is Firefox going to put a dent into the mobile browsing market, or is RIM about to catch up?