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Play Music from YouTube with StereoTube for BlackBerry 10 and the PlayBook Tablet


StereoTube is a media app for BlackBerry 10 by Andrei Avram, maker of Radio Player and Animated Weather HD. This media app makes using YouTube as a music source even easier by giving users the option to save files, make long playlists and more.
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RIM and Amazon.com Launch Amazon MP3 App in Test Center


amazon mp3 app

RIM and Amazon.com launched the Amazon MP3 app for BlackBerry with a catalog of over 14 million songs. The content is only available to users in the US, which is pretty dissapointing for Canadian users but nothing new. It could be that RIM legal and Amazon haven’t tailored the content for Canadians and Europeans yet, much like iTunes does, and the app will come soon.

The app allows users to browse, preview, download, store, and tell friends about their favorite music. Other features include:
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7digital launches their MP3 download service for BlackBerry



7Digital have officially announced the launch of their BlackBerry app with access to over 7 million MP3s. The app allows users to download music over GPRS/EDGE/3G or WiFi, and build a library of DRM-free MP3s on their BlackBerry.

The app, developed in partnership with DevelopIQ, will also let users access purchased tracks on 7digital.com via the built-in digital locker. You will be able to listen to the tracks from an integrated media player, as well as stream them to your car or home via Bluetooth.

The 7digital app is available for the Bold, Curve 8900, Tour, 8520 and Storm.

Download the 7digital app from App World or directly from www.7digital.com/bb.

Top 10 BlackBerry ringtones vs Top 10 chart topping mp3’s



BlackBerry Cool has a ringtone page you might have already checked out: BlackBerryCool.com/Ringtones. The store is powered by Thumbplay and it shows you the current Top 10 ringtones on their network. I like the Thumbplay service as both a ringtone provider and a full track download system.

Some songs are great ringtones and some are great songs, isn’t it best to buy a track that’s both?
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Free audiobook with Audible.com BlackBerry application


audible for blackberry

Audible.com is now available as a BlackBerry application. The app lets you shop, sample, download, and playback audio from Audible’s catalog. The application is free, and it’s compatible with the BlackBerry Storm, Bold, Curve 83xx, Pearl and 8800.

If you download the application, you receive a free copy of Thomas Friedman’s Hot, Flat and Crowded audiobook.

There are two ways to install Audible for BlackBerry:



FlipSide goes live


FlipSideAny of you guys get a chance to try out that MP3-player app last month? Well, the beta is done, and the commercial version is live. This is a great little music app, letting you queue up a playlist, get album art and info, as well as some cool swooshy browsing options and easy to use keypad shortcuts. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be reading my WMA files, so it’s probably safe to assume this is an MP3-only thing. Also, there isn’t a way of fast-forwarding or rewinding to search particular tracks, so you’ve got to take the good with the bad. Having used it for awhile now, I’d say it’s worth it. Check out more information here.