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GotVoice joins ISV Alliance


GotVoiceGotVoice announced today their membership in the BlackBerry Independent Software Vendor Alliance. The ISV Alliance is RIM’s way of getting all the great BlackBerry software developers under their wing, which means better BlackBerry apps for all. Man, if only Apple could show the same love, huh? GotVoice‘s service is integrated right into BlackBerry’s phone, and lets you do some handy things with voicemail.

“BlackBerry smartphone users can receive their carrier voicemail messages as an email with an MP3 attachment* or through GotVoice’s Visual Voicemail interface, which integrates within the BlackBerry phone application for easy management of voicemail*. GotVoice voicemail to text service is also now available for BlackBerry smartphone users, providing another option for customers seeking a converged messaging solution.”

BIS 2.4 coming this Saturday?


RIMWe know some of you have been giggling in anticipation of BIS 2.4. Well, MiBlackberry has spotted a rumor that 2.4 is coming out tomorrow, September 15th. We’ve been over the supposed features, most notably vCard, MP3, PDF and RTF support, improved Yahoo! mail sync, delivery and read receipts, and wireless message deletion. Also, it looks like you’ll automatically be logged into your BIS from your handheld – no need to muck around with usernames and passwords, unless you’re looking to do anything from your computer. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled on our BIS to see if this

BIS 2.4 features posted on RIM knowledgebase


RIMJibi has spotted a hint on the forums of the BlackBerry Internet Service v.2.4 features list on RIM’s knowledgebase. Highlights include vCard, MP3, PDF and RTF support, improved Yahoo! mail sync, delivery and read receipts, as well as wireless message deletion. Hmm, a lot of these sound like they were supposed to be in 2.3, weren’t they? Rumor has it we’ll be seeing the upgrade released before the end of the month.

Full features behind the jump.

Web-based ringtone conversion


CellseaBlackBerrySync dug up a handy little web app by Cellsea which lets you upload audio files right from your desktop or through an existing URL, and cut it up for BlackBerry ringtoney goodness. Best of all? Free! There’s already over 20,000 ringtones uploaded by users, for your browsing pleasure. I gave the thing a shot and it hunky-dory. For quick and dirty ringtones, this is a great solution.

MP3 ringtones finally come to BlackBerry


BplayBplay’s recently announced the release of a wooping 15,000+ MP3 ringtones for sale. BlackBerry’s a little behind in the consumer game, where MP3 ringtones have been around for a good long time already on most other mobiles, and not so much on our slightly more conservative handhelds. With the likes of the Curve and Pearl sexifying the BlackBerry scene with polyphonic ringtone support, it’s high time someone started taking advantage of it. Of course Bplay’s got the usual games and whatnot – I’ve been hitting Brain Up a fair bit lately, myself.