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Mplayit Release Data About Top Smartphone Games



Mplayit are a smartphone app vendor that is based on social networks. The company have a big Facebook presence and have been collecting some interesting data about smartphone purchasing habits.

The latest data to come out of Mplayit is about smartphone gaming trends. I’ll stick to the data about BlackBerry, but it’s also interesting to see how other smartphones are making out. Obviously iPhone is dominating the mobile gaming space, as the most popular apps for iPhone are almost 100% games.

Mplayit’s findings, drawn from live data collected from over 50,000 users of its Facebook app store over a two week period ending January 29, highlights the kinds of games that were popular for each of the three major smartphone audiences. The most active game categories on all three platforms were largely identical: Arcade, Casual, Card/Casino, and Puzzle. However, there were some significant differences in taste across platforms.

Music games were particularly popular on the iPhone, befitting its media-centric iPod heritage. Android users showed a predilection toward ‘geeky’ games making innovative use of things like the GPS, camera, and augmented reality. And the BlackBerry audience gravitated toward television and movie tie-ins.
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We Might Have Different Smartphones But Our Apps Are The Same



According to Mplayit, the latest “social app store”, regardless of smartphone, we’re all using the same apps. Mplayit tracked 42,000 visitors and their app preferences and it turns out that regardless of platform, the same apps tended to be most popular. Apps like Evernote, Shazam, Pandora, Yelp, Nimbuzz and Facebook all appeared at the top of the charts.
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Mplayit launches BlackBerry app store on Facebook



It sort of feels like everyone is getting an app store these days. The latest is Mplayit, who have created a Facebook-based app store for BlackBerry, iPhone as well as generally “mobile”. The app store gets users to try before they buy and hopes they will share apps among friends on Facebook. It should be an interesting way for new users to discover BlackBerry apps. The major downside I’m seeing is that they don’t have nearly as big of a catalog as the major players, and I don’t see anything about software bundles, deals of the day or promotions.

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