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Pandora Announces Business Subscriptions to Avoid Litigation and Supply Great Music


Pandora announced today at SXSW their new “Pandora for Business” service. Many users don’t know that the music they listen to personally on the Pandora app is not licensed for re-broadcast. In other words, you can’t play it publicly at your business. Many businesses do just that, however. A Roscoes House of Chicken and Waffles in Southern California is an example of a small business who was recently fined over $200,000 for playing 8 songs in a non-licensed manner. Ouch. Pandora has partnered with long-time business music delivery company DMX to offer a simple piece of hardware, plus a fully licensed and legal monthly subscription at $24.95.
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Pacemaker DJ App Coming to PlayBook Because Of Its “Highly Responsive User Interface”


The Pacemaker Device is a DJ’ing tool that combines a music device like an iPod with a touchpad and interface that allows you to mix beats. It basically acts like taking your turntables and entire DJ setup and shrinks it down to something you can fit inside a coat pocket. Recently, the company announced that it will be partnering with RIM to take the technology and put it on the BlackBerry PlayBook. According to the company, it has investigated a wide range of mobile platforms (assuming Apple products included), and it has selected the PlayBoook “due to its highly responsive user interface.” Score one for RIM! DJ’s love BlackBerry.
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TriPlay’s MyMusicCloud App Now Integrated With Dropbox


MyMusicCloud lets users sync their iTunes and other media players across smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. The app works across BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android and lets you sync over the air and automatically, without the need for a USB cable or ‘sync’ button. The latest update to the app is that the service is now fully integrated with Dropbox.
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RIM Launches BBM Music for BlackBerry


RIM has launched a music service for BlackBerry Messenger called BBM music. BBM Music is free for the first 60 days, runs on a subscription model and is designed to be more rewarding the more friends you have connected to the service.

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TOMPlayer Media App Remembers Playlist and Song Positions


We recently heard from Emacberry founder, Matthias, who told us that while his BlackBerry media player was decent, it lacked some crucial functionality for his listening needs. In particular, when a playlist is loaded, one would expect that the app will remember the last position in the playlist, as well as the track. So he decided to create TOMPlayer, a media app that has this functionality. Click through for the full description and download links.
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MyMusicCloud Offers Free Cloud-Based Music Streaming and Sync App


There are a ton of apps out there that are looking to be the go-to app for your music in the cloud. RIM has recently released the BBM Music Service which allows you to have 50 songs in the cloud for $5 per month. Recently, MyMusicCloud has announced a freemium cloud-based music service that could be a good alternative. Continue reading after the jump.
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