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IM+ for BlackBerry Playbook Updated


All-in-one messaging client for the BlackBerry Playbook, IM+ has been updated to version 1.3.1. Compatible with nearly every instant messaging system in the world, IM+ allows you to use multiple accounts, even on the same service.
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IMO Launches Multi-Protocol Instant Messaging Client


Imo.im has launched their multi-protocol instant messaging app for BlackBerry. Also available on Android and iPhone, imo is a web-based communications service that enables users to hold text, voice and video chats across multiple instant messaging protocols.

The Beta app currently supports MSN, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Facebook, AIM/ICQ, Jabber, MySpace and Hyves with more features being added in the coming weeks. This web-based instant messanging suite supports concurrent sessions so you can be logged in on the desktop and on your phone simultaneously.

Appearing in BlackBerry App World soon, imo is currently available as an over-the-air download.

Dipdive Launches Love Stories Feature in Partnership with BlackBerry


We’ve given Dipdive some pretty negative reviews here on BlackBerryCool because the social network just didn’t seem to offer much compared to the plethora of other networks any given person has already signed up for. The social network is geared towards artists, musicians and entertainers, who “share a socially conscious mentality.” You have to wonder who that excludes, Charles Manson?

Dipdive has recently announced “Love Stories” in partnership with BlackBerry, so that users can celebrate what they love to do. To create your own Love Story, head over to Dipdive and give it a shot.

Maybe if they keep getting money from RIM, Dipdive will become the new MySpace.

Hopefully This Isn’t Instagram for BlackBerry



Sean Percival, VP of Online Marketing at MySpace took a jab at BlackBerry by posting the above joke screenshot of Instagram for BlackBerry. Percival’s intent was to see how well a piece of content could go viral within the Instagram ecosystem, but it’s not very original. The joke is just a copy of the Angry Birds for BlackBerry screenshot that went viral a little while ago. MySpace is going to need a lot more in the way of creativity if it’s going to survive its almost certain plunge into obsolescence.

Time for a New MySpace App or is the Social Network Dead?


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MySpace has been having its fair share of problems lately. The company has recently laid off around 40% of its staff, and there has been a continuous exodus of executives from the company to other ventures. The music-centric social network has recently redesigned itself as My[__] and focused its attention on socializing entertainment. My[__] wants users to register their favorite artists and entertainment, give recommendations and spend more time watching video and playing games on the site. But will all of this help the social network or is it dead in the water?
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PicDial Uses Facebook and MySpace Profile Pictures for Caller ID



PicDial is a picture caller ID app that uses social networks to give a little more context to calls. The app is geared more towards users that don’t have social media applications on their device, so BlackBerry users probably aren’t the ideal market for this app. With a BlackBerry, you can easily set your contacts’ Facebook profile pictures to your caller ID, making this app not all that useful for users. On the other hand, there are a couple features such as the ability to backup your contacts, and select which of the Facebook/MySpace pics you want your contact to use is helpful.

More information about PicDial available on their site.