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Verizon Pushes Social Beat to Users – Download Links Provided


Social Beat is a really cool app for those who don’t have invites for Social Scope. Actually, it’s arguably better than Social Scope. The app connects you to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Gmail, Google Talk and has a list of RSS feeds you can subscribe to. A lot of users have pointed out that you can’t add feeds from sources like Google Reader, and the RSS section is really limited in functionality.

If you’re a Verizon customer, check your Applications folder for the Social Beat app. The app was previously only available for Curve 8530 users, but can now be found on all devices. If you have a Verizon device, but haven’t had it pushed to your Applications folder, you can always resend the service books or use on of the following download links (just substitute the device number):

Download Social Beat for the 9650 (should be called the Bold 9650?).
Download Social Beat for the Curve 8530.
Download Social Beat for the Tour 9630.
Download Social Beat for the Storm 9530.

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Mike Lazaridis Introduces BlackBerry Super Apps



During his keynote at MWC 2010, Mike Lazaridis introduced the concept of a Super App. It’s not clear exactly what is meant by “Super App”, but it seems that it’s a name given to apps that take advantage of all that the BlackBerry platform has to offer. Personally, I think this is a marketing initiative to get people exposed to the fact that the BlackBerry OS can do more than the iPhone in terms of functionality, and it doesn’t really mean anything to current BlackBerry users.

In order for an app to be Super, it should include:

  • The Always-on Experience – the app runs in the background.
  • Tight Integration with the Native Apps – integrates with the calendar, messages, contacts etc.
  • Proactive and Notification-driven – takes advantage of Push APIs.
  • Highly Contextualized – make it continuously relevant with GPS, menu and app integration.
  • Social and Connected – invoke SMS, social networks, email etc.
  • Designed for Efficiency – doesn’t drain on the battery or memory.

The apps that RIM point to as being Super Apps include Facebook and Myspace (two apps that need serious overhauls). While I understand what Mike L is trying to say, I think this is a lot of marketing fluff with nothing really substantial behind it. If Lazaridis was going to make this sort of presentation, it should be followed with an announcement that RIM has opened up new APIs that were previously unavailable to developers. Without this substance, it just sounds like Google’s attempt to label their phone a SuperPhone.

Are there any apps you would like to nominate as Super Apps?

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BeejiveIM for BlackBerry updates to version 2.0 and goes on sale



BeejiveIM has gone version 2.0, offering a ton of IM services in a single client. The supports IM services such as Facebook Chat, GoogleTalk, AIM/iChat/MobileMe, MSN/Windows Live, Yahoo!, MySpace, ICQ, and Jabber.

BeejiveIM also features:

  • Clickable Twitter usernames: Click on a Twitter username in a chat to launch Twitter.
  • Voice notes: Instantly record and send voice messages to your IM contacts.
  • GPS location: Send your current GPS location with a link to Google Maps.
  • More chat styles: Customize your chat styles and colors and set different backgrounds and wallpapers.
  • File transfers with all IM services: Easily send, receive, and review file attachments, and see previews of images right inside your chat.
  • Push notifications: Whether running in the foreground or the background, BeejiveIM will always notify you of new instant messages.
  • Improved battery life.
  • Group chats: Chat with groups of contacts on AIM, Yahoo, MSN and Jabber.
  • UI Customization: Customize your buddy lists, chat layouts, bubble styles, and more.
  • Logging: View your chat history, and email yourself logs of your past chats.
  • Buddy Icons: Show icons for all contacts in your buddy list.
  • Clickable Hyperlinks: Click on real hyperlinks in chats, allowing you to browse, call, tweet, email, text, or PIN message directly from a chat screen.

BeejiveIM 2.0 is now available for $9.95 for a device license and $14.95 for user license. This price represents a sale of 50% off that is valid until January 1st 2010. Not sure if you want to buy? They have a 30-day free trial.

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Facebook and MySpace apps updated, OS 5 Functionality added



RIM released updates to their in-house Facebook and MySpace apps making them OS 5 compatible. This comes as good news for those who have been tinkering with OS 5 and accessing these sites via the browser as a workaround.

Check out RIM’s official download site and information page for the Facebook and MySpace apps.


New version of MySpace for BlackBerry available


myspace blackberry storm

MySpace for BlackBerry has gone V.1.5. and there are some new features to help you promote your page and network with your friends. New features and enhancements include:

· Friend Updates: Users can now view their MySpace Friend Updates from within the application, and click on a thumbnail of a photo in the Friend Updates to be taken to a full screen version
· Enhanced updates and messaging: Instantaneous mobile notifications and messaging (no lag time between receiving a message online and on mobile). Users can also save a composed message/bulletin as a draft, delete and open a saved draft message to edit/send the message, and view or hide sent items
· Enhanced band profiles: Bands can add tour dates and more profile bits to their profiles, like Upcoming Shows (displays more details on the show such as venue, date, address and cost)
· Support for French, German, Italian and Spanish languages

To get the app, point your device here.

Or here via your desktop.

Do you have a MySpace? Now is your time for shameless self-promotion!