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Showing Off BlackBerry 10 Sample Apps from BlackBerry Jam Austin


The BlackBerry Jam World Tour stopped by Austin, Texas, and Rashid of RIM took the time to demo some of the developer sample apps available for BlackBerry 10. These apps aren’t meant for consumers, but are meant as building blocks, tutorials and starting points for developers. For example, an app that showcases the physics of blowing away objects could be used as a simple animation for a menu screen. All of these applications can be made using public tools for the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device or simulator. Check out some sample apps below.
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Happy Birthday Nan Palmero! We Got You an Easter Egg


Happy Birthday Nan

It’s BlackBerryCool Power User Nan Palmero‘s birthday today and we got him an Easter Egg he doesn’t know about. His friends Bobby Freeman and Vid Luther set up a secret Easter Egg on Nan’s blog that features a hilarious “Nan Loves Unicorns” surprise. Check out the secret Easter Egg on Nan’s blog by heading over to his site, letting it load, and entering the famous Konami code with your keyboard’s arrow keys.


1. Head over to nanpalmero.com
2. Let the site load.
3. Enter the code: up up down down left right left right b a

Enjoy the magic and happy birthday Nan!

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BlackBerry Cool Roundup for the Week of January 11th


This was an interesting week for BlackBerry news. There was a ton of news I would file under WTF, including a BlackBerry getting God’s blessing, and the 9500 ending up in the Royal Collection. Of course the best news comes from Nan Palmero, BlackBerry Cool’s CES 2010 correspondent. He got some awesome footage of Xobni and LinkedIn for BlackBerry.
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How to Backup and Restore Chosen Items While on BES


You’ve spent time building up your Autotext entries to make it really easy to fire off a “thank you” or “you’re welcome.” You’ve invested time in building up your Password Keeper with entries for the Jonas Brothers Fan Club and you’ve got 50+ friends on your BlackBerry Messenger.  Life is good, especially because you’re on a BES and your contacts, calendars, tasks and notes are being synced back to the server. Now, a new OS pops up and you want to update. You get IT’s blessing to do this, but then you remember those parts of your BlackBerry that are going to be wiped out. When you plug your phone into your computer, fire up Desktop Manager and try to back up certain parts of your device, you get this:

Nan’s Backup and Restore on BES

CTIA 2009: I Heart Radio


If you’re a terrestrial radio gal or guy, you might recognize Clear Channel – owners of the radio airwaves in the United States.  If you’ve fallen in love with one of Clear Channel’s many stations from across the USA and find yourself unable to hear your favorite stations or on-air personality, don’t fret, I Heart Radio is here!  You can still listen to your favorite station via your BlackBerry now.  The I Heart Radio application is available for free via the BlackBerry App World.


CTIA 2009: LIVESTRONG Application


Are you finding that you’re getting a little soft around the mid-section from reading too many blogs and eating more than your body intended? Lance Armstrong‘s foundation, LIVESTRONG is here to save you from yourself. The BlackBerry LIVESTRONG application, available now for $2.99 from the BlackBerry App World, helps you set goals for your physical fitness, including caloric intake and exercise. Check out the video above for more details.