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TeleNav GPS Plus On Sale for Verizon BlackBerry: $9.99/year


If you’re tired of getting lost or Google Maps not telling you to turn and you’re on Verizon, TeleNav has a sweet deal. Drop $9.99 for the year and you get TeleNav GPS Plus for a year. It’s the full app that provides the following:
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Navigation Tips for BlackBerry OS 6 Devices


blackberry 6

BlackBerry 6 has some pretty great features for making the navigation experience better on a BlackBerry. While the OS doesn’t have anything crazy in terms of new features, it does go a long way to making the user interface more graphical and efficient.

RIM sent out a list of navigation tips that nicely sums up some of the ways BlackBerry 6 makes the user expeirence a little faster. Whether you have a touchscreen or non-touchscreen BlackBerry running OS 6, read through the tips and see if there’s anything you didn’t know.
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Nogago Outdoor Maps and Navigation App Updated With POI and More



We mentioned Nogago back in 2009 and they have recently updated their app to version 2, with a few new features. Nogago Outdoor is a navigation app for BlackBerry that lets you track and measure time, distance and speed of your activities. You can also view maps of the surrounding area and navigate along tracks and planned routes which are optimized for walking and biking. In this latest version, the company has added:
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Poynt adds voice navigation system features to free LBS app


Poynt unreleased features

Poynt has added another feature: Voice Navigation System integration. In addition to mapping through BlackBerry Maps and Google Maps, Poynt users have access to Voice Navigation Services Gokivo, VZ Navigator, Telus Navigator, AAAMobile, Metro Navigator and Your Nav. Users can select those services as their preferred navigation solution to map route within Poynt, allowing them to take advantage of audible turn-by-turn directions and auto-rerouting.

And what would a BlackBerry Cool post about Poynt be without the incredibly annoying screenshot of features yet to come? See above.

Free OTA download from your BlackBerry Browser http://m.mypoynt.com.


Travel Channel launches BlackBerry app


Travel Channel GoHave you ever watch the Travel Channel? They’ve got an impressive lineup of shows, and have no doubt provided plenty of great insights on international locales through their programming. Well, they’ve just recently launched a mobile application for BlackBerry powered by Earthcomber which not only lets you tap into spots covered by their programs, but find slightly less exotic destinations, like, say, the 7/11. Not only good for directions and maps, you can also keep track of friends, and discover new places in your area that fit with your interests. Looks like a handy little app, and worth a shot.


WES Exhibitor Spotlight: TeleNav


TeleNav logoTeleNav is a leader in mobile GPS needs. They were the company behind AT&T’s GPS offering, and were chosen as one of Pinstack’s Five Star picks. TeleNav GPS Navigator offers everything you’d expect from a GPS suite: directions, both written and spoken, points of interest, traffic warnings, and more. You can preview routes before you set out, and if you miss a turn the software will automatically create a new one to get you back on track. It also offers 2D and 3D maps and a bunch of customization options. Considering the growing popularity of GPS in BlackBerrys, they should have some very nice demos on display at WES.