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WES Exhibitor Spotlight: ALK Technologies


ALK Tech logoCoPilot Live is the flagship mobile product of ALK Technologies. The GPS navigator has all the standard fare with a few neat features such as their “Driver Safety” view in addition to regular 2D and 3D maps. The view gives large, colorful text directions and icons, so you can just glance at the display and keep your eyes on the road. In addition to constantly-updated North American maps, they’ve also got maps of Europe and Australia. There’s also CoPilot Truck available for business owners, but unfortunately it’s only for PocketPC at the moment. Who knows what we might see at WES…

Sprint BlackBerry 8130 due November


SprintWe just received official word that the BlackBerry 8130 will be coming to Sprint next month (as previously speculated), alongside a fact sheet with all the trimmings. Streaming TV through Sprint’s Power Vision service will be available, along with Sprint’s Music Store and navigation software to make use of the internal GPS. BlackBerry Maps is still usable, for those who aren’t interested in shelling out $10/month. Verizon’s 8130 will be coming out November 1st., so these two carriers will have fun butting heads before the Christmas push.

Fact sheet behind the jump.

Telus launches Wireless Solutions Roadmap Assessment


TelusWe just got wind that Telus has this nifty new service called the Wireless Solutions Roadmap, launched on the basis that Canadian companies are willing to adopt new wireless solutions, but simply need some guidance in figuring out what those solutions are. This online service is pretty comprehensive, assessing a company’s mobile e-mail and internet access, navigation, asset tracking and dispatch, and a wide range of other facets vital to corporate operations. Additionally, Telus has some metrics in place to see how your company stacks up against others in terms of handling these things.

After running through a few of the scenarios, it’s clear that this program is designed to make companies seriously reconsider their wireless strategy. Now, this could be seen as a way for Telus to hawk their own solutions by convincing execs that their company has problems that they really don’t, but it could be worth their while if there is something that needs fixing.

T-Mobile Austria teams up with Telenav for the BlackBerry 8800


T-Mobile LogoWe’re GPS freaks here at BlackBerry Cool, so any time we can welcome more to the fold, we do so gladly. T-Mobile Austria announced yesterday that they’re now offering the famed Telenav GPS navigation solution for their BlackBerry 8800 customers. BlackBerry Pearl, BlackBerry 7130 and BlackBerry 8700 users can also use the service with the help of a GPS puck.

T-Mobile is offering a free 30 day trial of the Telenav solution to get their subscribers hooked, and then charging €8 per month after that. Sounds like the perfect solution to make sure you don’t get lost while backpacking the Alps on a European vacation. Go here for more info.

Jem Telecom releases Navigation Solutions bundle


Jem Telecom LogoWowee, do we have a bunch of European news today. Jem Telecom, a UK mobile data distributor of BlackBerry, announced today the launch of its Navigation Solution Bundle aimed at UK business employees who spend a significant amount of time out of the office. The bundle includes TeleNav‘s GPS Navigator, live traffic information from Traffic TV and journey planning tools from PlanaJourney. Here’s what Jason Theakston, CEO of Jem Telecom, had to say:

“Bundling applications improves ROI for our clients and delivers solutions that address the needs of different departments within their organisation.”

I agree with Jason. Getting things in bunches is always more fun: sacks of money, back-to-back sports titles, a barrel of monkeys… etc. Jem’s bundle is priced at £9.99 per month and is compatible with the BlackBerry Curve, Pear, and the BlackBerry 8800. You can go here for more info.

Airtel gets GPS navigation software for BlackBerry


WayfinderAirtel’s releasing a new navigation service for their BlackBerry 8800 users that will bring maps and points of interest to their fingertips. Eventually, Airtel aims to bring the function to their other cell phones. The system is called Wayfinder, developed in Sweden, and will be offered 6 months for free to all BlackBerry 8800 subscribers under Airtel’s wing.