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Xtreme Labs reaches 10 Million Downloads for BlackBerry-Exclusive Apps


Xtreme Labs let us know that they have recently hit a pretty awesome benchmark of 10 million downloads of their clients’ BlackBerry-exclusive apps. Some of these apps include Urbanspoon, NBA Gametime, and AccuWeather.com. The company has Elite status in RIM’s Alliance program and it helps them get technical, marketing and sales support. Xtreme Labs are working on a lot of iPad apps right now and hopefully they’ll be working on some BlackBerry Cobalt Tablet apps if possible.

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Viigo unleashes NBA service


Chris Bosh

Here’s something you may not know about me: I am a HUGE NBA fan. I cheer CB4, Jose Ole and the Hump through the best of times and the worst. I will never forgive He Who Shall Not Be Named. I bleed Raptors red.

So it was a great thing to learn today that Viigo has launched a new NBA service just in time for the start of the 08-09 season (the Raptors start their season off against the 76ers tomorrow night, in case you were wondering). Typical of Viigo, the NBA service is tricked out way beyond simple NBA news feeds, offering a variety of features perfect for ballheads like myself. For example, while viewing the upcoming NBA schedule, you can add specific games of interest (Raps vs. Lakers on Nov. 30th, for example) to your Calendar to make sure you don’t miss them. Another great one is the Scores feature, which allows you to view the latest scores from around the Association while they’re being played.

You can see a bunch of screen captures of the new NBA service for Viigo. To add them, follow this path in your Viigo client: Sports –> Add Sports –> Basketball.

NBA on Viigo Screenshots