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Watch NBC prime TV free on your BlackBerry Storm


BlackBerry Storm video

Everything looks beautiful on the BlackBerry Storm. At WES, many of the booths were demo’ing their products on the Storm because the combination of a big screen and smooth UI, makes for the best way to showcase your application. Video is stunning on this device and I found a good post explaining how to get NBC prime television streamed to your device for free.

Just visit http://m.nbc.com/fullepisodes.shtml

If the link does not work, visit m.nbc.com

Shows include The Office, 30 Rock, Crusoe, Friday Night Lights, Heroes, Kath and Ki, Knight Rider, Lipstick Jungle, My Own Worst Enemy, The Biggest Looser and more.



Get the Olympics on your BlackBerry (Round-Up)


BlackBerry Cool Olympics Round-Up Graphic

The 2008 Olympics in Beijing are now in full swing and plenty of BlackBerry applications are jumping on board. Here’s the full run-down of the many different ways you can keep up-to-date with the global track meet on your BlackBerry. Go (insert respective country here)!

Viigo: Olympic news channel with schedules and medal standings. (Download Viigo)
EQO: IM client with Olympic news. Also running an Olympic themed contest where you can win a BlackBerry of your choice. (Get EQO)
Zumobi: Has partnered with Lenovo for a special Olympic widget. (Download Zumobi)

NBC Olympics News Page: http://m.nbcolympics.com (Download Browser Launcher)
CNN Olympics News Page: http://cnnmobile.com/beijing08 (Download Browser Launcher)
CBC Olympics News Page: http://www.cbc.ca/olympics/blackberry/ (Download Browser Launcher)
BBC Olympics News Page: http://news.bbc.co.uk/mobile/bbc_sport/olympicsport/
Reuters Olympics News Page: http://mobile.reuters.com/mobile/m/Category/COLY

Canada BlackBerry Theme: Yeah, we’re homers. Go Canada! (Download BlackBerry Theme)
US BlackBerry Theme: For our friends down South. (Download BlackBerry Theme)

If you find any more worthy apps out there offering Olympic coverage on your BlackBerry, post about them in the comments section!