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Smartphones being used for gaming more than enterprise software


What are you doing on your BlackBerry?

A report like this makes me wonder if BlackBerry Cool should spend less time posting about email monitoring solutions more time reviewing Magmic BlackBerry games. Our sister site and mobile entertainment blog, QuicklyBored, is reporting that a recent NPD Group research paper states that not only are people using their smartphones more, but they’re playing games more often than using enterprise and productivity software. The findings come from a portion of the report aimed at discovering what features and functions consumers are most aware.

While the greatest increase in smartphone gaming was among iPhone users specifically, the nascent BlackBerry Storm might bring just as many new gamers to the fold. Post a comment to let us know if you play games on your BlackBerry, and which game is your favorite.

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U.S. smartphone sales brutally outpacing standard cell phones


SadphoneA recent study by NDP Group concluded that American cell phone sales were down 13% this quarter, the third quarter in a row to show a decline. The cost per phone has gone up 14% to $84, but the real kicker is that smartphone sales have doubled since last year, with particular emphasis on the full QWERTY devices out there (like BlackBerrys). The reasoning?

“One explanation might be that there’s a group of consumers that’s holding off, making do with the devices that they have, either because of larger economic concerns or because they don’t see any value yet in the new voice and data services that are driving some of these new handsets,” [said Ross Rubin, NDP’s director of industry analysis.]

There’s definitely a grain of truth there, considering how simplistic layouts like the iPhone are winning over a wider audience. The new flip BlackBerry will certainly be tapping into the “I just want a phone” audience by latching onto a recognizable form factor, and potentially be taking an even bigger bite out of the standard cell phone market. It’s just a matter of selling folks on the data services…

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Report: BlackBerry strong in face of iPhone


iPhoneWe’ve heard it all before, but now analysts are backing up Balsillie’s big talk about the iPhone not being competition. A recent report from the NDP Group aimed at guaging Apple’s success in the mobile market has come to the conclusion that while the Treo and Sidekick suffered some converts as a result of the iPhone, the lack of enterprise e-mail kept BlackBerry users from switching. While encouraging, is that the only thing stopping the iPhone from putting a dent in RIM’s armour? Let’s say hypothetically that the iPhone gets Exchange server support – will that be enough to turn the tide? As far as carriers go, T-Mobile and Alltel lost plenty of subscribers to AT&T; the subscribers for both were three times more likely to have switched over for an iPhone.