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How to Create Your Own NFC Tag With BlackBerry Smart Tags


Having gotten our hands on several NFC-enabled BlackBerrys and seen what the possibilities of NFC are, we thought we’d prepare a guide in anticipation of BlackBerry users making their own NFC tags. With the BlackBerry Smart Tags app, users can not only read tags, but they can create them too. This is just one aspect of NFC that will be awesome on BlackBerry. The tutorial and more about NFC after the jump.
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Developers: RIM Introduces BlackBerry Java SDK 7.0 Beta for Augmented Reality, NFC and More


blackberry bold touch

The latest BlackBerry development kit looks to have some pretty awesome APIs and tools that developers can use to make the next generation of BlackBerry apps. Some particularly interesting APIs include the magnetometer APIs which allow for better navigation apps, as well as augmented reality and gaming. The Native Window API lets developers overlay a native window such as a camera or video view finder, or web browser. This sort of API is a great help when creating augmented reality apps. Also of great relevance are the NFC APIs which will allow developers to read the NFC chip to communicate with other NFC-enabled devices.

So what can we expect? Well it will be great to see some new games and augmented reality apps. Apps like Google Goggles are a fun way to discover your surroundings and hopefully an app like Poynt will get an augmented reality feature as well. It would also be great to see BBM use the NFC APIs to be able to “bump” your BBM contact rather than use the QR code. Hopefully RIM is on top of that.

Hit the jump for the press release.
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An Overview of OS 6.1, Next Generation of Super Apps, BlackBerry Platform Development and More


BlackBerry OS Roadmap
BlackBerry Application Development Roadmap

At the BlackBerry Developer Day RIM had several slides for developers that did everything from outline the BlackBerry Platform at large, to some specifics about OS 6.1 and the roadmap for 2011. From the slides, we can see that RIM sees the next generation (read OS 6.1) of apps will leverage the following:

  • Super App status
  • BBM Social Platform
  • Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • Augmented Reality
  • Enhanced Map APIs
  • Barcode APIs

It’s great that RIM is opening up these APIs and features because they will not only complement existing apps, but some developers will find ways of using 1 or 2 of these features to create an excellent app for the BlackBerry Platform. Click through for more slides and info you may have missed.
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Bank of America Testing NFC Payments With Mobile Wallet Program


bank of america mobile payments

Back at Mobile World Congress 2011, we heard RIM talk a lot about NFC payments and the fact that we’ll be seeing them on BlackBerrys this year. Following this news, we’re now hearing that Bank of America has started a new trial program called Mobile Wallet, that lets you make payments from your BlackBerry to any location where Mastercard’s PayPass is accepted. To use the program, you need a BlackBerry as well as a battery cover with a special antenna and a microSD card. The program will go live this Spring.

Read more about the upcoming program at this link.

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“Many, If Not Most” BlackBerry Handsets in 2011 Will Have NFC Support


NFC payments

Jim B had some pretty awesome news that he snuck into his Mobile World Congress keynote this morning. During the keynote, he said “many, if not most” BlackBerry handsets in 2011 will have NFC support. RIM hasn’t clarified as to how the funds will be processed, or what sort of access developers will have in terms of APIs, but the statement shows that RIM is on the right track. The idea of being able to swipe your BlackBerry at the cash rather than fumble around in your wallet sounds awesome. Countries like South Korea already have a huge adoption of this kind of technology and it will be great to see Western adoption.

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