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PlayOn for BlackBerry 10 Gives You Netflix, Hulu and HBO GO


PlayOn is an app that, with the purchase of the PlayOn Media Server, gets you access to Netflix, Hulu and HBO GO. The Media Server pricing ranges from $25/year to a one-time $50 purchase. Once downloaded, you’ll be able to stream online videos directly to your device. It’s an interesting workaround to the lack of Netflix on BlackBerry 10 and if you’re ready to dish out the Media Server costs, it looks like a great deal.
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5 Reasons the BlackBerry 10 “App Gap” Is Not As Big of a Deal As They Claim


I’ve been using the BlackBerry Z10 for a couple weeks now when people ask about what I don’t like about the device, I immediately talk about the “App Gap”. The fact that the platform doesn’t have Instagram, Skype, Netflix, Snapchat and other apps that people have come to love on the other platforms, is the most obvious downside to the device. The App Gap has got me thinking though, is this really a problem? After giving it some consideration, I’ve thought of 5 clear reasons why the App Gap is not as big of a deal as people will have you believe.
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Some Thoughts on The Netflix App for PlayBook


There’s been a lot of buzz about the Netflix app for PlayBook from users and media alike. As soon as Netflix tweeted they won’t be supporting PlayBook, the media jumped on it thinking that the reason was because the PlayBook was somehow inferior. We’ve talked to people at RIM and sources close to the situation, and we can certainly say that the reason to not go with the PlayBook has absolutely nothing to do with the tablet’s hardware or software. Sure, volume sales might have something to do with it, but not really when you consider Netflix has a Vita and 3DS app. It more likely has to do with politics and behind-the-scenes discussions. Some thoughts below from us and a link to our buddy Doug at Untether.
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Netflix Queue Manager Updated to 2.0 with New UI and More


Movela has announced version 2.0 of the Netflix Queue Manager app powered by Pyxis Mobile. The latest version features a re-designed user interface, an improved user-friendly experience, full WiFi support and performance improvements.

Other enhancements include the ability to:

  • Rate movies
  • Find similar titles
  • Search by actor/director
  • Recommend a movie to a friend
  • Quick add to queue/change position/delete from queue
  • Graphical add to queue/change position
  • Improved network type detection

To download the latest version, check out the Netflix Queue Manager in App World.

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CTIA 2009: Movela Netflix Manager


Pyxis Mobile, better known for delivering financial applications, created something a bit more fun.  Movela Netflix Manager for BlackBerry allow you to control your queue of dvd and instant video streaming.  The changes made on your BlackBerry typically take about 14 seconds to be applied to your Netflix account.  Check out the video for more information on the Movela Netflix Manager and Pyxis.  You can pick up the app on the BlackBerry App World for $2.99


Pyxis Mobile releases SmartFlicks, will present at BlackBerry Cool 15


SmartFlicks for BlackBerry

The fine folks at Pyxis Mobile pinged me last night to let me know that they have released a beta version of SmartFlicks for BlackBerry. SmartFlicks is a Netflix client that is impressive not only for what it does, but for how it was made. Apparently, Pyxis leveraged the same client and codebase used to service their financial services customers to build the application in a day. Also, because the application is ‘built’ on your BlackBerry when you run it, Pyxis can add features and enhancements at any time that will appear in SmartFlicks the next time you log in.

You can download the SmartFlicks for BlackBerry beta after the jump, but if you’re attending the BlackBerry Developer Conference, make sure to swing by the BlackBerry Cool 15 and watch Arun Nagarajan of Pyxis Mobile demonstrate SmartFlicks and the technology behind it in person!

SmartFlicks Beta Download