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FILM App Gives You Movie Trailers and Info for the Netherlands


This is a pretty niche app but we have quite a few readers from the Netherlands and we’re happy to check out any app that ends up in our tip box. FILM is a free app that gives you low/hiqh/hd quality trailers as well as movie info. Click through for more details.
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BlackBerry Developer Conferences Held Globally: San Fran, Bangkok and Amsterdam


This year, the BlackBerry Developer Conference is going global with events being held in San Francisco, Bangkok and Amsterdam. Bangkok is an interesting choice because we would have expected Indonesia, but it’s probably a better place to meet in terms of cost and airport travel. Amsterdam has become an alternative, indie developer scene in recent years with the launch of a conference called Appsterdam. RIM is looking to capitalize and this and attract more devs to the platform. Read on for more details about these events.
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KPN and RIM Launch the BlackBerry Curve 8900 in The Netherlands


Press Release

The Hague, The Netherlands and Waterloo, Canada – KPN and Research In Motion today launched the BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone. The new BlackBerry Curve 8900 has an expansive feature set that keeps users easily connected with their office, friends and family. In addition to being an exceptional phone with email, messaging, organizer, web browser and multimedia applications, the new BlackBerry Curve 8900 also features built-in Wi-Fi® (802.11 b/g), GPS, a fast processor (512Mhz) and a dazzling high resolution display, enabling customers to remain productive and entertained while on the move.

The new BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone is available from KPN without a subscription at the price of € 347 (including taxes).

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BlackBerry Storm 9500 launches in Netherlands


Quickly following up on their and Australian pricing announcement, Vodafone has joined with RIM to jointly announce the launch of the BlackBerry Storm 9500 in the Netherlands. Here’s a list of the software to come pre-loaded on RIM’s first touchscreen BlackBerry.

    * Facebook® for BlackBerry® smartphones
    * Windows Live™ Messenger for BlackBerry smartphones
    * Google Talk™ for BlackBerry smartphones
    * Yahoo® Messenger for BlackBerry smartphones
    * AOL® Instant Messenger™ for BlackBerry smartphones
    * ICQ® for BlackBerry smartphones
    * Flickr™ Photo Uploader for BlackBerry smartphones

Pricing for Voda Netherlands Storm ranges from free to €79.95, depending on your per month tariff. You can find the full pricing info after the jump or at the link below:

Vodafone Netherlands BlackBerry Storm Page

Vodafone Netherlands pricing

Virtual Reach zeroes in on Belgium and the Netherlands


Virtual ReachVirtual Reach, the fine purveyor of BlackBerry Cool to Go, has announced a partnership with Jakajima, a publishing group in The Netherlands. Their magazines, autoConnect in the Netherlands and ConneXie in Belgium will be accessible on Viigo, for any of you European readers out there. The publications cover consumer electronics of all sorts, including BlackBerry. In fact, they covered the Curve launch in the Netherlands, while we totally missed the boat on that one. Man, is my face red.