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RIM talks BlackBerry Technical Seminar and Network Diagnostic Tool


BlackBerry Technical Seminar

Mmm, I can feel it in the air, something special is on its way for BlackBerry developers. It can only be one thing: the latest BlackBerry Developer Newsletter! The latest edition of the DevLetter has Developer Support Guru Mike Kirkup delving into the BlackBerry Technical Seminar we told you about a few days ago and the Network Diagnostic Tool released late last month. You can find the audio below, as well as links to other great Developer Newsletter content.

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RIM releases Networking Diagnostic Tool


bes network

While stumbling around RIM’s Knowledge Center earlier today (yes, I do that from time to time), I noticed that RIM has released a networking diagnostic tool that should be of some use to all the new BlackBerry developers out there post-BBDC. Separate from the on-device hardware diagnostic tool we told you about last month, the networking diagnostic tool provides value in two different ways:

    1) The NDT can be used by 3rd party developers as a support tool for their customers with networking issues, to provide information on which transports are and are not working on the device. This functionality better enables developers to diagnose and troubleshoot connectivity issues without having to use their application.

    2) The NDT provides an open source and best practices implementation of connectivity on the BlackBerry. Developers can use this implementation as an example on how they would connect using the variety of mechanisms available on the BlackBerry device.

If you’re interested in learning more about RIM’s networking diagnostic tool, or downloading its source code, hit the link below.

BlackBerry Networking Diagnostic Tool