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Our BBM Hackathon Grand Prize Winner is Smarter Apps


smarter apps

We’re in New York City this week getting ready for the BBM Hackathon that will go from Thursday the 11th to Friday the 12th. A little while back we put up a post asking for developers to send us their app ideas that would leverage the BBM Social Platform. The winning app idea would won a decent prize pack including:

  • A flight to NYC and hotel for during the hackathon
  • $500 spending cash
  • A BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900

The winning developer is Paul Dumais of Smarter Apps and the app idea is really killer. We don’t want to reveal what the app does because we’ve been told that the app will be fully coded and made available to App World during the hackathon. Stay tuned because we’ll be revealing the app in a few days and it’s going to change the way you use BBM.

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How to Win the BBM Apps Hackathon Event in NYC


BBM apps hackathon

We’ve already had some really awesome submissions for the BBM Apps Hackathon Event in NYC. Remember, if you want to win a free trip and sweet prize pack, all you have to do is email us your app idea at tips@blackberrycool.com. We’ve also had a few questions from developers about what apps they should write and how they can best position themselves to win the hackathon. Here are a few tips for developers interested in the event:
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Developers: Enter Your App Idea to Win a Trip to NYC Hackathon, $500 and a BlackBerry Bold 9900


BBM challenge

UPDATE: Please email tips@blackberrycool.com if you are going to enter. We need to know to help give out the prizes.

RIM is hosting a BBM Apps Hackathon Event August 11-12 in NYC. It’s an exclusive event that gives developers the opportunity to participate in an apps-building marathon using the highly popular BBM Social Platform. RIM experts will guide participants through different development approaches and techniques that leverage the viral/social functionality of BBM Social Platform and best integrate with applications.

BlackBerryCool will be identifying the best developers for the Hackathon Event and giving away one trip to the event, $500 spending money, and a BlackBerry Bold 9900.

To be eligible for the Hackathon, the developer must:

  • have an idea for a new BlackBerry® application that incorporates BBM
  • have the capability to build a BlackBerry smartphone app with their idea
  • have a laptop with all the software, accessories and equipment needed to build their app, including a laptop loaded with BlackBerry® WebWorks™ or BlackBerry® Java®
    be a resident of the United States, District of Columbia (excluding Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, New York and Florida) or Canada (excluding Quebec)
  • be able to travel to attend the BBM Apps Hackathon Event (“Event”), August 10-13, 2011, and be able to confirm such availability within 48 hours of potential winner notification from RIM
  • understand that the Event will be filmed and that by participating in the BBM Apps Hackathon Contest, consent to the filming of their developer story and the use of their image

Ideally, the winner will have a BlackBerry app that they want to integrate with BBM.

Click through for the rules of the contest and more details or head over to bbmnyc.com to get started.
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Startup Showcase: Hoot.me Helps Students Collaborate On Facebook #startupfest



Hoot.me is a Facebook app that leverages the social network to help students better collaborate on projects, classes, assignments and more. According to the founders: “We switch your Facebook into study mode by connecting you with friends to collaborate on homework and projects.”

Facebook is a great platform for Hoot.me since Facebook began with targeting the student demographic and the company’s target market spends a great deal of time on the site. Also, since a typical student’s network will almost certainly be 100% on Facebook, the social interactions and collaboration potential is huge.
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Do You Suffer from BlackBerry Neck? Get a BlackBerry Facial


blackberry neck

The latest ailment is called BlackBerry Neck and it comes from looking down at your BlackBerry a lot, causing unsightly wrinkles. The treatment for BlackBerry Neck comes from a Manhattan aesthetician who has concocted the BlackBerry Facial. The treatment involves exfoliation consisting of “a neck cleansing, a peel with sapphire stones, another peel, a hydrating serum, and then some lymphatic drainage.” After your facial, you get 20 minutes of a strange light followed by an oxygen mask. The whole process takes 45 minutes and should revert your neck to its former glory.

Overall, this seems like something we should just file under “only in New York.”

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