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Stealth Marketing BlackBerrys to New Yorkers


A recent article in the NYDailyNews talks about a stealth marketing campaign that RIM, or one of its outsourced marketing firms is employing to get BlackBerrys in the hands of young, good-looking professionals.

Julia Royter, a 26 year old actress employed in the stealth marketing campaign, says “I was with a bunch of hot girls and we would just walk into bars, whip out our BlackBerries[sic] and try to get guys to look at them by flirting. We’d say, ‘Put your number in my phone and I’ll totally call you. We’ll go out on a date!’ But we just wanted them to try the BlackBerry. I definitely didn’t call anyone.”

The article suggests the marketing campaign is “ethically dubious” but it’s really just a waste of everyone’s time. So you manage to get a BlackBerry in the hands of one good looking person, who might influence 20, great. Wouldn’t it be better to just build a great product that looks good and performs better than the rest, which in turn influences several million people to buy? This is exactly the sort of thing that happens when companies have over-inflated marketing budgets.

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Bplay launches Embrace your City themes



Bplay has launched a new line of city themes. They’re pretty basic themes with changing backgrounds and easy to read icons, but they do a good job of representing your favorite city.

Embrace Los Angeles
Embrace New York
Embrace Paris
Embrace London
Embrace Rome
Embrace Berlin
Embrace Vancouver
Embrace Tokyo
Embrace Beijing
Embrace Barcelona

Check out all of their featured cities here.

NYC Transit App for BlackBerry – see schedules offline



Applico has released their NYC Transit application for BlackBerry. The application allows you to check multiple schedules, including those for the New York waterways, Metro North Trains, New Jersey Transit buses and New Jersey Transit trains.

With Applico’s BlackBerry app, you can see schedules without a network connection because the schedules are downloaded locally to your BlackBerry when you install. The app will even remember your last route traveled, in case you forgot how to get where you were.

Download the NYC Transit App from your BlackBerry browser.

[ED NOTE: Sorry, this app isn’t free. It’s $5. Thanks for sending in the update. Also, this app is geared towards commuters so it won’t be too helpful for local residents.]