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Touring the Offices of Quirky in New York City


Back in January, I visited the Quirky offices to check out what it’s like to work there and how products get pushed through the company. For those who aren’t familiar with Quirky, it’s a company focused on making the invention process easier. Users submit ideas, those ideas get voted on, and the community comes together to try and get the product to market. It’s a really cool process.

Read the full article over at Macgasm to see what it’s like at the Quirky offices.

BlackBerry 10 Launch Coverage From Both New York and Toronto


We’re going to have people on the ground at both the New York and Toronto BlackBerry 10 launch events so stay tuned for some great coverage. We’re not exactly sure if the two events will be the same or have different content, but we’ll have both covered regardless. If we had to guess, the Toronto event might be a little more “corporate” with RIM executives on hand, and the New York event would probably be more carrier and partner centric, with execs from AT&T being present. We’ll find out in 12 days.
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BlackBerry PlayBook Experience Center Coming to New York City July 10th


RIM will be hosting a BlackBerry PlayBook Experienec Center in New York City from July 10th to July 23rd. Each day, the Experience Center will feature a different topic, such as Experience Health & Fitness, and attendees can get to know the PlayBook better with regards to that topic. The whole event is geared towards raising awareness about the PlayBook and giving New Yorkers a hands-on experience with the tablet. The Experience Center will be located at 75 9th Avenue (at the corner of 15th Street and 10th Avenue).
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Plastic Mobile Launches Redesigned AIR MILES App for iOS and Android


Plastic Mobile is an agency specializing in mobile based in Toronto and New York. The company has recently launched a new AIR MILES app that takes many elements of foursquare, including checking-in to businesses, and builds an AIR MILES points earning and spending experience on top. AIR MILES has been around for some time now and the whole program has been in need of a mobile campaign like this for some time. While the checkin space is a little exhausting, it does seem to align well with AIR MILES. What we don’t see in the app, is some features around the flying experience.
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RIM Doing a Promotional Giveaway: NYC Holiday Hookups


Starting today and running until December 17th, keep your eyes peeled for BlackBerry teams in NYC doing a big giveaway. Spot a BlackBerry notification alert around NYC and scan the barcode on the back of it using BBM.
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The Future of BlackBerry and Smartphone Display Cases


Two New York media companies, Stardust and BBDO, have teamed up to make one of the coolest BlackBerry display cases we’ve ever seen. The case uses 3D holographic imaging around the device to bring a unique experience to looking at the device. The device shown in this particular video is the Storm2 for the carrier MTS but we’d love to see it being used for the newer devices like the QNX smartphones.

We definitely recommend heading over to this site and watching the video.