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First Look: AP Mobile News Network for BlackBerry (CTIA Hangover)


Mobile News Network for BlackBerry

UPDATE: I should have made this more predominant, but AP is offering a limited beta of Mobile News Network for BlackBerry right now! Just head to http://bb.apnews.com and sign up.

While at CTIA, I was able to sit with some of the fine people that work for the Associated Press. After some mild cajoling, I was able to let them give me a look at their Mobile News Network for BlackBerry application. I’ve been using it for about two weeks now, so it’s time to show you some photos of MNN for BlackBerry, along with impressions.

Mobile News Network for BlackBerry

BlackBerry Cool to Go/Viigo keeps growing, adds over 1,000 channels


Viigo Content LibraryWe’ve mentioned Virtual Reach’s Viigo app quite a bit here at the ‘Cool, mostly for two reasons: they keep adding new content, and our readership keeps lapping it up. So that’s why we’re pleased to exclusively announce today that Virtual Reach has added over 1,000 new channels to their application for everyone who loves to get news from their BlackBerry. The channels include a myriad of topics, ranging from Blogs and International interests, to Entertainment and Lifestyle content.

What’s the best way to get Viigo and try out all these new channels, you ask? Well how about downloading BlackBerry Cool to Go, the specially designed Viigo app catered to you, the BlackBerry Cool reader. To download the free app, click on the banner in the right-hand corner of your browser, or head to:


Check out Viigo’s new channel listing after the jump