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Sprint launches BlackBerry Curve 8350i sans camera


blackberry curve sans camera

Many government and enterprise individuals don’t want cameras on their mobile devices for security concerns. In response to a small yet existent demand for a BlackBerry sans camera, Sprint is releasing the 8350i, a BlackBerry Curve without the 2mp camera. The pricing on the 8350i sans-camera is lined up exactly with the older version that includes a camera, at $149.99 after $100 mail-in rebate and a 2-year contract.

Other unique features for this BlackBerry include Nextel Direct Connect service which lets Curve 8350i users instantly connect with other Sprint customers with PPT devices using its iDEN network. The device is also significantly more bulky than its other Curve 83xx siblings, due in part to its additional internal components; the 8350i packs both GPS and Wi-Fi, something that can’t be said about any of the other 83xx series devices. This Curve does include WiFi so they haven’t stripped anything but the camera which is great.


[Al Sacco Via]