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Gym Technik Partner with WiThings Internet Connected Scale


Gym Technik have announced a partnership with the WiThings Internet connected scale, making their app compatible with the device and allowing a user to use the data in the Gym Technik NextGen app. The body stats are automatically sent from the WiThings scale to your BlackBerry and you receive an email summarizing your weigh-in stats. From within this email, you can click a link to launch the NextGen app and display your body stat graph.
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Gym Technik’s NextGen App Now OS 5 Compatible



Gym Technik let us know that their fitness app for BlackBerry, NextGen, has been updated. The app is now compatible with OS 5 devices including the Storm2. Gym Technik’s NetGen app helps you track your workout routines and optimize them. The app breaks down your workouts with graphs and analytics and gives you a better picture of what you’re doing.

Check out the NextGen app which is now OS 5 compatible.