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Nexus One and What it Means for BlackBerry and iPhone



I love competition! There is no doubt that the introduction of the iPhone raised the high water mark for mobile user interface and forced RIM to bring the BlackBerry Storm to market quickly. RIM and Verizon perhaps launched more hastily than they ought to have, but nonetheless the end result was the spawning of the mobile app revolution.

When the software powerhouse Google announced yesterday they are selling the GSM neutral Nexus One Smartphone direct, my initial thought was “I hope they recognize that they just stepped on a landmine!” In my opinion, this is the boldest (no pun intended) move a software company can make. After all, Microsoft has failed repeatedly to successfully make this leap to hardware manufacturer. The nuances of running a hardware manufacturing business is drastically different than writing software and making support tweaks. Furthermore, as I learned when I worked for Digital Equipment Corporation: it doesn’t matter how amazing your product is, you still need to market and sell it.
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