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Anywhere Abs 2: Core Edition with 6 New Exercises


Nickel Buddy has just launched a sequel to Anywhere Abs. The new workout routine is called “Anywhere Abs 2: Core Edition”. This sequel is similar to the first in that it’s a timed ab workout. The app features 6 all-new exercises for your core so you can get in shape this summer.

Other features include:

  • 3 levels of difficulty
  • No special equipment required
  • Countdown timer for each exercise

More information about Anywhere Abs 2: Core Edition in the store.

New Tower Defense Game Candy Defense by Nickel Buddy


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Tower defense games are great for mobile because they fit on a small screen and you can get some quick gameplay out of them. Candy Defense is the latest tower defense game from NickelBuddy, the same people who brought you Fierce Towers. In this game, pirates have invaded Candy Island by land, sea and air. It’s up to you to set up defenses and stop them.

This game features:

  • 4 different maps each requiring a different play style.
  • 4 Difficulty levels.
  • Some maps with predefined paths; some require maze building.
  • Land, water, and air invaders.
  • Automatically saves your game on exit.
  • Countless hours of entertainment.

Check out Candy Defense in the BBCool Store.

This one will get reviewed shortly for the game review series we’ve been doing at BBCool.

Office Hot Shot Turns Your Locked Screen Into a Fun Game



Office Hot Shot is a new app from Nickel Buddy that turns your locked screen into a game. The game also serves as a better locking tool for your BlackBerry, allowing you to configure the screen to display useful information such as the day, date, time, unread emails, missed calls, battery level, and more. If you’d like to just play the game, toss paper balls into the office trash can for points. Make sure to take into account wind speed and direction!

Features include:

  • Use as a locking app, or use just for the game, or both!
  • Master switch to enable/disable locking functionality.
  • Optional password to unlock your BlackBerry.
  • Optional password reminder, in case you forget your unlock password.
  • Available for both touchscreen and trackball/trackpad devices.
  • Designed for minimal impact on battery life.
  • Works in landscape or portrait mode.

More information about Office Hot Shot in the BlackBerryCool Store.

Anywhere Abs exercise app by Nickel Buddy



Nickel Buddy make some really great apps for the Storm and their latest app is called Anywhere Abs. Anywhere Abs is a fitness app that walks you through an ab exercise program from beginner to advanced. The routines are meant to be quick and efficient, giving you as good of an ab workout as possible in a small time frame.

Features include:

  • 3 levels of Difficulty.
  • Countdown timer for each exercise.
  • Takes only 6 minutes at the Advanced Level.

Anywhere Abs is $2.99 and it’s available for the Storm and most trackball devices (except Pearl) running OS 4.5+.

BlackBerry Storm2 and Storm game Revball now available


Nickel Buddy are really cool BlackBerry game developers because they’ve been putting out quality games specifically with the BlackBerry Storm in mind. The latest is called Revball and it’s a paddle ball type arcade game.

While the game is available for the Storm2, it doesn’t use the multitouch feature which is a pretty key element of the device. As a Storm2 user, I’m always on the hunt for content that uses its unique features, but a Storm game is good fun regardless.

Revball is $4.99 and there is more information available on the purchase page.