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Games Are the Most Downloaded App Category


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Nielsen recently released some statistics showing games as the most downloaded app category. Users on iPhone and Android tend to download games and apparently most BlackBerry users are similar to feature phone users in that they tend to play what’s preloaded. This speaks volumes to the fact that there is still a significant number of BlackBerry users out there that don’t know or care about App World and are using the device simply for communication. It also shows that RIM needs to do a better job of both promoting App World or updating the device with better game preloads.

According to the research, the average mobile gamer plays an average of 7.8 hours a month. Those with iPhones tend to play around 14.7 hours each month while those with Android devices play around 9.3 hours per month. Just behind the Games category is the Weather app category, with 60% of users saying they have downloaded a weather app over the past 30 days. In third place is social networking apps, with 56% of users having downloaded one in the past month.

Although the Games category is the most popular when taking into account all smartphones, it probably isn’t the most popular on BlackBerry. In general, BlackBerry users played the least amount of games, and it’s possible that social, weather and utilities would fair better than games.

For more charts and info, head over to the Nielsen blog.

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Nielsen: BlackBerry Users Download an Average of 14 Applications


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Nielsen recently conducted a survey of 4,000 mobile subscribers to determine how many apps they have on their device. Overall, users have an average of 27 apps installed on their phone, up from 22 in December 2009. The average number of apps downloaded per smartphone are as follows:

iPhone: 40
Android: 25
BlackBerry: 14

A BlackBerry really starts to lose some performance once you exceed around 20 apps and it’s no wonder the average is 14. Another interesting tidbit from the Nielsen study is that games and weather apps are the most popular across all devices, with navigation apps quickly gaining popularity. Social networking is also very popular with Facebook being a top-ranked app across all platforms. Twitter is only in the top 5 apps for BlackBerry and YouTube doesn’t make the top for either BlackBerry or iPhone.

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