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BlackBerry Babes: A Nigerian Movie About A Group of Girls Who Love BlackBerry


The movie is available on YouTube and has amassed almost 560,000 views.

We’ve written a lot on BlackBerryCool about BlackBerry in Nigeria. We even had a guest post by a Nigerian named Temitope O., who wrote a whole post on BlackBerry in Nigeria…from his BlackBerry. What we didn’t know, is that there is a full length feature film made by Sylvester Obadigie called BlackBerry Girls. The film is a comedy about a group of girls that love their BlackBerrys and will only date guys that they think can buy them one. The girls are constantly on the hunt for new models and are always BBM’ing each other gossip. Here is a choice quote from the movie:

Keisha dumps her boyfriend Daniel by telling him, “Why can’t you understand that without you buying me a blackberry phone there is no basis for this relationship? Why must I be embarrassed in front of my friends?”

Continuing on the success of BlackBerry Babes, RIM should sponsor a blockbuster-style Nollywood spy movie. The movie would be like Johnny Mnemonic meets Mission Impossible. Secret agencies carry encrypted data that could topple governments, all with the use of their BlackBerrys. Only one man can hack into the RIM NOC in Canada and figure out how to break in. SPOILER ALERT: (he realizes there’s no way to break in and movie ends with him being arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounties).

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BlackBerry in Nigeria part 2 – productivity, iPhone and bandwidth


[ED NOTE: The following has been submitted by our BlackBerry Cool correspondent in Nigeria, Temitope Smolaso Olufoye. The article is an update from his first article regarding BlackBerry in Nigeria.]

The BlackBerry device I use here in Nigeria is the BlackBerry 8100. Owning a BlackBerry in Nigeria gives me an incredible advantage. Although other phones have better cameras than the BlackBerry, I find the 8100 camera very useful. The company I work for is called Begro Geological Consultants, and we often need to attach pictures to our reports. Since I am using 8100, I can take pictures with my 8100 and attach them easily to reports. This is just one example of how owning a BlackBerry in Nigeria has helped me.

My company also benefits from my BlackBerry ownership because we often gets requests for proposals, and we don’t have a laptop. Life isn’t easy here in Nigeria and things don’t come easily, but we maximize everything that comes our way. When we get a proposal request, we immediately start writing all of our ideas on our BlackBerry, before transferring to a PC. I’m not saying other handhelds can’t do this, but it is both cheaper and easier for me to do it on a BlackBerry.
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What it’s like owning a BlackBerry in Nigeria


Nigeria mobile carriers

[The following is a letter from a BlackBerry Cool reader in Nigeria, writing about what it’s like to own a BlackBerry in that part of the world.]

I couldn’t have written about BB in Nigeria without writing about the history of telecommunications in the country.

About 8 years ago, we only had about one hundred thousand wired lines for all of us. When I say “all of us”, I mean about one hundred and forty million people. In order to use a phone, we often had to wait in lines that could be as long as one thousand people.

Only one service provider, MTEL, which is a subsidiary of the national carrier NITEL, was offering mobile analogue (etac) in about four cities.

In 1999, licenses were given to three GSM operators: MTN Nigeria, V-Mobile and MTEL.The nation was about to witness a phenomenal change in telecommunications. A change in the way we communicate, a permanent change for the rest of our lives.
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