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App Roundup: What’s New on All the Major Platforms


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We’re back to share the latest in awesome apps for the three biggest smartphone platforms. Lately we’ve been seeing developers succeeding on BlackBerry by looking to success on other platforms. Ninja Fruit Bash, the Fruit Ninja clone by Pepper.pk, hit the Number 1 Downloaded App recently in App World, and Angry Farm by Smarter-Apps has seen tremendous success. Check out the latest apps on other platforms and see what might be the next big winner.
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Ninja Fruit Bash is the Latest iOS Success to BlackBerry Clone


ninja fruit bash

There’s a growing trend of taking iOS successes and porting them over to BlackBerry. We believe the trend was started by Smarter-Apps and from a strictly business perspective it makes a lot of sense. Sure, you could spend a long time working on a risky app that may or may not be a success, or you could take something that obviously makes money on another platform and bring it to the 40 million or so BlackBerry users. Considering the huge success of this strategy, as proved by Angry Farm, it makes you realize that a lot of these iOS developers are listening to the analysts more than the users.
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