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WES 08 Special Guest Editorial: NJBlackBerry can’t choose just one


Clinton Obama

Many in the BlackBerry Cool Nation are familiar with the name NJBlackBerry. A BlackBerry Forums Super (Duper?) Moderator, NJBlackBerry has guided many a BlackBerry newb through the growing pains of memory leaks, device wipes, and forgotten passwords. This week he’s been kind enough to help us as a Best of WES judge for IT/Admin products and services. Watching him carve up the show floor like a seasoned pro has been a sight to behold.

However, while we asked NJB to give us the one name that stood above the rest, he refused: there was simply too much good stuff at WES 2008 to be ignored. So we asked him to give us a laundry list of everything a smart IT Admin would want.

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