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Considering Porting Your App for Nokia’s Ovi? A Few Things You Should Know


Nokia Ovi

If you’ve got a killer BlackBerry app, chances are that you’re considering porting it over to other platforms in order to grab more users or maximize your revenue. The obvious platforms to choose are iPhone and Android, but Nokia seems to be an afterthought, not only in smartphone media coverage, but from a developer perspective as well. I recently attended an event hosted by Nokia in order to learn more about their platform and what they offer. If you’re considering Nokia’s Ovi app store and the Qt OS, read on to learn more about what they have to offer.
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IDC Q4 2010 Smartphone Analysis Shows Huge Mobile Growth



IDC released its Q4 2010 world smartphone market analysis and it shows some impressive growth for not only the mobile market, but for smartphones in general. Recently, we talked about BlackBerry in South Korea, and according to IDC, Korea had the biggest smartphone appetite in Asia this quarter accounting two-thirds of phones shipped in 4Q10, up from one-eighth a year ago. In Western Europe, the BlackBerry 8520 was among the region’s top sellers and contributed to the overall market’s growth.

The United States saw vendors like RIM and Apple maintain a healthy lead and in Canada, Android, Apple and RIM prevailed. Again, it’s all about smartphone growth and users are aggressively turning in their feature phones for smartphones. In Latin America, Nokia, RIM, and Samsung had strong smartphone sales, as well as relative newcomer Huawei.
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RIM Tried Buying Palm for Patents Alongside Apple, Nokia and Google


There is a rumor that RIM tried to purchase Palm alongside Apple, Nokia, Google and of course HP. HP eventually won the deal for $1.2 billion. According to the SF Gate, RIM basically had the deal in its hands and “had to work incredibly hard to blow it,” says their source. source recalls. RIM initially came in higher than HP, but HP upped its bid, our source says.

While Palm may have had some patents that would be beneficial to RIM, the idea of acquiring the company for the WebOS or integrating the WebOS on a BlackBerry seems highly unlikely. WebOS lacks the security that is fundamental to RIM’s business, although from a consumer perspective it may be cool.

In terms of improving on the OS, it’s better to look at the QNX acquisition. QNX is a company based in Ottawa (BlackBerryCool.com HQ) and there are several people close to the company who say the acquisition has little to do with automotive integration, and more to do with developing a next-generation OS. Remember, QNX’s core business is “middleware, development tools, realtime operating system software and services for superior embedded design.” Lets hope that they can help RIM develop an OS that puts many of the developer and consumer frustrations to rest.

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Highest Paid and Free Applications in BlackBerry App World


The latest Distimo report shows the highest ranked paid and free applications in BlackBerry App World, as well as other smartphone platforms such as Nokia’s Ovi, Google Android, Apple iPhone and Windows Mobile. In the May Distimo report, BlackBerry didn’t really have a presence in the “news and noteworthy” section. When it comes to applications, it seems themes are really dominating the lists. Themes are great for customizing your BlackBerry, but it would be good to see more rich applications in App World to demonstrate the power of the platform. Also, the utilities that come are in the top ranked lists seem as though they should be part of the OS and not third party apps. Applications such as QuickPull and MemoryBooster shouldn’t be something the user needs to download.
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Smartphone Sales Jump 49 Percent with RIM Number 2 Platform


According to the latest research from Gartner, the number of smartphones sold worldwide has jumped 49 percent from a year earlier to 54.3 million units. BlackBerry is now the world’s 4th largest manufacturer of mobile devices and the 2nd most popular smartphone after Symbian.

Android has leap-frogged Windows Mobile and Linux now represents 10 percent of smartphones shipped. Nokia has declined by 4.5 percentage points to 44.3 percent as sales rose by one-third, lagging behind the market’s growth. The iPhone is the third most popular smartphone after Symbian and RIM, with a 15.4 percent share of handsets that are open to third-party applications.

Smartphones now account for 17.3 percent of the industry’s phone sales, and Nokia reported last month that smartphones accounted for about 20 percent of its volume in the first quarter.

Research in Motion in the Top 5 Handset Manufacturers in the World


IDC’s latest report shows Research in Motion in the in the top 5 of all mobile handset makers in the world. RIM has been in the Top 10 Smartphone Manufactuers list for some time and now, but making the top 5 handset makers in the world is a really significant benchmark. RIM is the only company on this list that manufacturers only smartphones, making the numbers all the more impressive. The smartphone market is growing at a pretty incredible rate, and it looks like RIM is well positioned to take on the growth.

Here are some quick facts about RIM from the report:

  • RIM shipped 10.6 million units in Q1.
  • Total shipments surpassing those of Motorola by nearly 2 million units.
  • Highest average selling prices within the group.
  • Key to its success in the first quarter was the popularity of its BlackBerry Curve 8520 and BlackBerry Bold 9700 across multiple markets as well as its global prepaid offerings.
  • Strong consumer adoption, particularly among text-crazy teens, has also fuelled demand for BlackBerry devices.

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