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Visual Voicemail coming to AT&T BlackBerry Bold


BGR has grabbed some screenshots of BlackBerry Visual Voicemail running on an AT&T BlackBerry Bold. Apparently, this feature will make its way to AT&T via OS No word yet on when AT&T will roll out the OS update or if they’ll charge for it (it’s AT&T, what do you think?), but we’ll keep you in the know once we hear something. For now, you can see more of what BlackBerry Visual Voicemail will look like after the jump.

BlackBerry Bold Visual Voicemail screenshots

RIM may appeal court order on Certicom offer


RIM logoThe ongoing struggle between RIM and Certicom continues. When last we left these two companies, RIM had extended their offer to Certicom shareholders until January 27th.

Since then, the Ontario Superior Court has granted Certicom’s request for an injunction, and blocked RIM’s hostile takeover. RIM is now reportedly mulling its options and considering an appeal to the Superior Court. Without an appeal, the court action would also prohibit RIM from participating in any auction for Certicom without Certicom’s permission.

Unfamiliar in the ways of hostile takeovers, I’m not certain at what point RIM should decide to cut its losses and quit pursuing Certicom, but I’m certain they’re nearing it.

|via Reuters|

Enterprise customers to get T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8900 January 19th?


Although T-Mobile stated in their press announcement that the general populace can purchase the BlackBerry Curve 8900 in February (with the blogosphere split between February 11th and the 18th as the launch date), it appears as though enterprise customers will get an early jump on the device.

The image on the left indicates that employees of companies with a T-Mobile corporate account can get the BlackBerry Curve 8900 on January 19th. This is similar to what Rogers did with their BlackBerry Curve 8900 launch, but on a time line of weeks, not days. If you’re not a corporate customer, post a comment and let us know if the Curve 8900 is worth the wait.

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Breaking down the Obama BlackBerry (ObamaBerry?)


Now that President-Elect Barack Obama has declared that he will fight to keep his BlackBerry, the question of how exactly the U.S. government is going to make that happen. Starting from the premise that the Commander in Chief could not simply use an off-the-shelf consumer model, CrunchGear has composed a list of must-have features for a custom-made Obama BlackBerry (henceforth known as the ObamaBerry).

While most of what CrunchGear recommends is both insightful and cool — my favorite recommendations include voice recognition and remote detonation capability — the ObamaBerry collapses under its own expectations of security and performance. By creating a device that performs all the functions a President’s BlackBerry should (although does any President really need military grade GPS and the ability to start nuclear war from their BlackBerry?), CrunchGear has has destroyed the one thing that Obama wants from his BlackBerry: to not be isolated from the American public like previous Presidents.

Regardless, pulling out the ObamaBerry would be a great icebreaker while on diplomatic missions (“Did you know this thing can shoot lasers? Yes it can!”)

UPDATE: Gizmodo is reporting that Obama may end up using a giant brick running Windows Mobile 6.1. Sigh.

|via CrunchGear|

CommSolv Joins BlackBerry Alliance Program


Press Release

Toronto, ON – CommSolv, a leader in Communications Asset Management solutions for wireless and wireline networks announces that it has joined the BlackBerry Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Alliance Program.

Membership in the BlackBerry Alliance Program has helped CommSolv develop a seamlessly integrated wireless device management solution for BlackBerry Enterprise Server on CommSolv’s Mobile Asset Management platform. The CommSolv Communications Asset Management platform enables enterprises to centralize the control of their corporate wireless assets, making it easy for them to:

    * Save money and increase budget predictability by establishing and enforcing corporate policies about the phones, service plans and features that each employee is allowed to order.
    * Increase control of assets and sensitive data by centrally storing and automatically updating the record of all their wireless assets, who they are assigned to and their statuses.
    * Increase customer satisfaction by providing a self-service portal for new wireless service requests and service changes.
    * Increase IT efficiency by managing service provider orders and synchronizing inventory with new service orders and service changes.
    * Increase IT efficiency and auditing capability by standardizing workflow process flows for new, disconnected and changed assets

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Motorola to cut 50% of handset operation?


If even a year ago you had told me that in early 2009 Palm would be resurgent and Motorola would inching ever closer to the deadpool, I would have slapped you like a young Cary Grant and sent you to the looney bin. Well, make room for me too, because it seems like the whole world has gone looney tunes.

Our friends at Phone Scoop are reporting that Motorola’s handset division is expecting a large round of layoffs as soon as this week. While Moto’s set top box, networking equipment and enterprise device businesses will not be affected, up to 50% of the entire handset operation may be gone. Phone Scoop is also reporting that Motorola will not have a booth at CTIA in Vegas this April, and is looking to launch only a dozen handsets per year, all based on Google’s Android OS.

Sad times for a company that used to define cellphone cool with the RAZR, and had a decent BlackBerry competitor in the Moto Q. Here’s hoping that putting all their eggs in the Android basket will save the company.

|via PhoneScoop|