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Aerize Alerts Updated to 2.0 Adding BBM to Alert System


Aerize Alerts has been updated to version 2 and have made all sorts of additions to their popular pop up message alert app. Aerize Alerts will give you a clean and clear popup not matter what you’re doing on your BlackBerry and gives you a call to action with various options.
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myLED Gives the iPhone BlackBerry’s Famous Red Blinking LED Notification


We’ve often heard that people switching from BlackBerry to iPhone miss the red blinking LED notifications and a recent Kickstarter project is bringing that functionality via the headphone jack. With myLED, you simply plug in a small LED into the headphone jack, download the app, and voila, you’ve got the red notification light every loves.
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Snap Secure Launches Mobile Personal and Family Security Suite


Snap Secure by Snap MyLife inc. is a US-based mobile security company that specializes in protecting your family’s phones and data. This includes backing up data, mobile antivirus, privacy management, location services for family members, remote controlling of missing devices and remote data wiping should retrieval prove to be impossible.
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Foursquare for BlackBerry updated to v3.8.1 and Features GPS++, NFC and Push Notifications


Foursquare has just launched a major update to their social checkin app. The new features include better GPS functionality, improved push notifications and NFC support.
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Been There, Done That: iOS 5 Getting Custom Ringtones and Sounds


Read more about in-holster custom alerts for OS 6 from Al Sacco

When we first saw iOS 5′s notification bar, it was clear that it was exactly what RIM had done with OS 6. Since BlackBerry hasn’t been doing so well in the media, you rarely see it pointed out that a lot of the “magic” coming from Apple lately is already done by BlackBerry. The most recent Beta leak of iOS 5 shows that iPhones are getting custom ringtones and alerts. It’s surprising that it has taken this long for Apple to update the iPhone with a feature BlackBerry has had for years.

Apple Announces Two Ripoffs of Popular BlackBerry Features at WWDC


RIM should really feel complimented at this year’s WWDC because Apple has announced its Notification Center and BBM-clone. Imitation is the highest form of flattery and these two announcements are definitely imitations. First of all, the notification center is a big announcement from Apple and it looks nearly identical to the notifications tab in BlackBerry 6. Granted, the iPhone version does have a nice “Clear All” feature that we could really use in OS 6. Another feature announced at WWDC is Apple’s new messaging platform. The platform seems to work just like BBM and it even comes with ‘delivered’ and ‘received’ notifications just like BBM. What’s interesting here is that Apple hasn’t copied any of the crucial viral app distribution elements that RIM has announced and demoed themselves at BBWC. This is definitely something Apple will also be copying and will surely announce at their next event.

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