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NUForce NE-7M headset for the BlackBerry Storm



I was in the market for a wired in-ear headset. I tried a couple off the shelf of a local wireless store, but none them lived up to my standard for listening to music. I ordered the NU Force NE-7M wired headset, based on a suggestion from a colleague. So far, these are great little mid priced ear buds. Call quality isn’t too shabby either.

I’ve got the Blackberry Storm, which came with the generic headset. The ear buds on those never fit in my ears and on long train rides they tend to fall out or don’t block out enough noise. The NE-7M’s do a great job of staying in my ears and blocking out the background noise at even low levels, when you pause the music you can hold a conversation. The mic has a pause button, which comes in handy when people walk up and want to talk to you. There are no buttons on the headset to skip music; I use my side buttons for that.
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