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Free BlackBerry Apps That Help Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions


Health and fitness might be a New Year’s resolution cliche but I need to bounce back into action after after sitting around stuffing my face with food over the holidays. Quitting smoking is also best done when it’s cold out so here are some great free diet, fitness and quit smoking apps for BlackBerry.
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How the #BeBold Campaign Should Have Concluded


The Internet went a little mad with rage when RIM put out its completely harmless #BeBold infographic that tried to group everyone’s personas into superhero characters. The campaign made a lot of sense when it started though. RIM’s social media team had the good idea of piggy-backing on the New Year Resolutions because a resolution is about getting something done – an area where BlackBerry excels. The problem is that when the infographic came out, it was completely blown out of proportion as though this were some new ad campaign. But we can think of one obvious way the marketing initiative could have been better – apps.
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