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Magmic’s Product Manager Jeff Bacon on BlackBerry, iPhone and NYT Brand


Rob Woodbridge from Untether.TV is back and he’s interviewing Magmic’s Product Manager Jeff Bacon. We’ve had Jeff Bacon on BlackBerryCool several times, with his own column Bacon on BlackBerry, as well as some news tidbits. Jeff is a talented BlackBerry developer and has a lot of interesting things to say from a developer’s perspective.

In this interview, Jeff talks about Magmic’s NYT license and how they leveraged the brand to develop NYT Crossword and NYT Sudoku. The first thing that struck me during the interview, was Jeff’s comment about the fact that when they first started developing for BlackBerry, there were only a few models and implicitly suggested that development for BlackBerry has become more complicated. If a veteran developer such as Jeff is lamenting about the development process, RIM should these comments very seriously. At around 8 minutes, on the subject of costs associated with porting, Jeff says “it can get frustrating sometimes…why is someone releasing a new device that requires us to redesign a new UI for it?” The release of the BlackBerry Storm, apparently caused a lot of headaches dealing with the touchscreen, and cost the company dollars in porting and redesigning their games.
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