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Are Makerspaces The Answer To Western Manufacturing? #NationOfMakers


This week, the White House hosted its first Maker Faire and announced that Americans need “to be makers of things, not just consumers of things.” While we have always had engineers, hobbyists and tinkers, the maker movement is taking off. Reasons for the recent maker community growth is likely due to economies of scale reducing hardware costs, software becoming more versatile, and recent innovations like 3D printers.

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Register to Vote and Find Polling Stations With a BlackBerry App


Election Protection is a free cross platform app without political affiliation that helps Americans get ready for the upcoming Presidential election. With this app you can easily register to vote and figure out where you will actually be voting.
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Win a free copy of Kasper Hauser’s “Obama’s BlackBerry”



We recently wrote about the book by San Francisco comedy troupe Kasper Hauser “Obama’s BlackBerry.” The book has some pretty hilarious fake musings between Obama and his various presidential colleagues, including Vice President Joe Biden, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Hachette Book Group are giving away 5 free copies of the book to BlackBerry Cool readers. To win, comment an app you’d think Obama would like and why. We’ll choose our 5 favorite.

Only residents of the US and Canada are eligible to win; no PO boxes, please.

Read our post about Obama’s BlackBerry for quotes.


UPDATE: Thanks for participating guys. Here are the winners:


Visible Vote is an app I think President Obama would love! He could give congress a heads up on how to vote on a bill w/o having to hold a meeting or send out staffers to the hill. He can vote yes/no/don’t care and send congress members emails via the app. It’s everything I think President Obama would love as a BlackBerry user. He is very aware of technology and this could pose to be an excellent step forward in the way he lets congress know how he feels on current bills.


I just looked at all the apps. I have and came to a conclusion that Obama will like the evernotes app. He could take notes, take pictures, and do a video thing for his kids. I could totally see Obama taking notes, taking pictures and sending them to his wife and kids! It’s because the app. I good to use anytime, anywhere and for whatever reasons! The president can’t miss a thing that’s why!


How about a copy of Google Latitude so he can tell where everyone is at any given time? So he knows if Biden has left the building or not? :) Wait, I suppose he the most powerful spy network in the world to do that for him, never mind…


Seriously?! Obama doesn’t want the app I’m going to mention, he has it. The Spoof App. Obama can make prank calls to the likes of Hilary Clinton, Joe Biden, etc. He might even dial across the world and start WWIII with the app. He probably buys minutes in the app so he doesn’t have the 2 min ads.


Obama has to have Quickpull installed. When you’re the president of the united states and your app memory runs low, you can’t just sit there and pull the battery out. You need to be a little sly with it and click a button and put the phone back in the holster until it boots back up.

Oprah wrote, and lost, her Michelle Obama essay on BlackBerry


Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey was working on a tribute to Michelle Obama for “The Time 100″ feature in Time magazine. The feature highlights the world’s most influential people, and Oprah was writing about her experiences at the Obama’s house for dinner.

Being someone as busy and powerful as Oprah, she typed out the 200 word essay on her BlackBerry. At the Lincoln Center, she told the story in front of eavesdroppers and reporters.

“I was doing it on a BlackBerry,” Oprah confessed. “No!” they gasped. “Yes!” she howled. “I’d been saving little notes on my BlackBerry. You know, I’d think of something and I’d put it on BlackBerry in the memo section,” she explained. “And then I went to hit the wrong button and the whole thing deleted! I went to hit ‘Save’ and instead I hit … ‘Oh my God! Oh my God! It’s gone!’ That ever happened to you? And then you can’t remember — not one sentence you wrote.”

“I couldn’t even think for two days,” she said, sighing, weary at the memory. “I couldn’t even, like, think of a sentence. I stared at the BlackBerry, then I hit every button trying to make it come back. I hit ‘Options.’ I did everything!”

Personally, I think someone like Oprah could use some speech to text software. That way, she save time and the text would be automatically emailed to her device, thus saving her from any data loss. If only celebrities had a BlackBerry consultant, this would never happy.

By the way, if Paris Hilton needs a BlackBerry consultant, I’m available. We can work out a “special” rate.



Google offers mobile access to US elections info


Google Elections mobile page

If you weren’t already keeping tabs on the U.S. elections news through Viigo, Google now has a mobile site to help you keep up to date. The site’s not much to look at but there’s plenty there, including links to McCain and Obama’s YouTube video channels, check out what they’re reading through Google Reader, the latest election news items, and even mobile maps around convention centres. Head on over to m.google.com/elections on your BlackBerry to get all the latest coverage and info.

(via Official Google Mobile Blog)