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Breaking down the Obama BlackBerry (ObamaBerry?)


Now that President-Elect Barack Obama has declared that he will fight to keep his BlackBerry, the question of how exactly the U.S. government is going to make that happen. Starting from the premise that the Commander in Chief could not simply use an off-the-shelf consumer model, CrunchGear has composed a list of must-have features for a custom-made Obama BlackBerry (henceforth known as the ObamaBerry).

While most of what CrunchGear recommends is both insightful and cool — my favorite recommendations include voice recognition and remote detonation capability — the ObamaBerry collapses under its own expectations of security and performance. By creating a device that performs all the functions a President’s BlackBerry should (although does any President really need military grade GPS and the ability to start nuclear war from their BlackBerry?), CrunchGear has has destroyed the one thing that Obama wants from his BlackBerry: to not be isolated from the American public like previous Presidents.

Regardless, pulling out the ObamaBerry would be a great icebreaker while on diplomatic missions (“Did you know this thing can shoot lasers? Yes it can!”)

UPDATE: Gizmodo is reporting that Obama may end up using a giant brick running Windows Mobile 6.1. Sigh.

|via CrunchGear|