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Twitter for BlackBerry Version 1.1 Officially Rolling Out Today


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Twitter for BlackBerry version 1.1 is rolling out today over the next 24 hours in App World and it comes with some graphical updates as well as more location-based features. The app is coming along nicely but just because it’s the official app doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of awesome third party options out there. There are plenty of users who appreciate new features and special functionality.

For those dedicated Twitter for BlackBerry users, new features in 1.1 include:
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Twitter for BlackBerry Accounts for Around 7% of Total Tweets


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Twitter’s Evan Williams recently blogged about the impact that smartphones and mobile users have had on the social network. Currently, mobile users have jumped 62 percent since mid-April and 16% of all new users to Twitter start on mobile. Also of interest, 46% of active users make mobile a regular part of their Twitter experience.

With respect to BlackBerry in particular, Twitter for BlackBerry accounts for 7% of total tweets as measured over the last 30 days. With Twitter growing past 145 million registered users, 7% accounts for a staggering number of Tweets. The top ten list includes:
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Twitter for BlackBerry Coming Out of Beta with Additional Language Support


The official Twitter for BlackBerry app is coming out of Beta over the course of tonight and tomorrow. The app started in beta in April and it was a huge success. At the official Twitter conference, Chirp, we heard some interesting statistics that pertain to the official Twitter app:

  • 300K new Twitter users per day, 8% of daily signups are coming via the new Twitter for BlackBerry app.
  • 1.7% of tweets came from Twitter for BlackBerry during the beta. That’s about 850,000 tweets per day.

With the full launch of the application, we won’t see any major updates, but rather a lot of language support. The following languages will be supported:

• Portuguese EU
• Japanese
• Indonesian
• Russian
• Turkish
• Dutch
• Korean
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BlackBerry OS 6 Details Revealed in Chinese Translation of Video


Our good friends over at MMMOOO have translated the BlackBerry OS 6 video walkthrough by BerryTimes.cn. What’s interesting is that at 03:55, the guys reviewing OS 6 say the browser is “terrible”. This is really disconcerting as the browser is a central feature to OS 6 and something the community has been excited about for some time. They also call the camera “terrible” which isn’t great considering the new camera is 5MP. They don’t go into much detail about why, but say they’ll address it later. Something the BlackBerry camera needs is more responsiveness, and hopefully this will be addressed in 6.

The Twitter integration with OS 6 is really interesting. At 07:29, they show how you can send song info to Twitter for BlackBerry. The search is also improved, allowing you to search globally on device, the internet or even on YouTube (official YouTube client on the way).

Be sure to read the rest of this article after the jump because we’ve got a time-stamped translation of the video. I suggest opening the translation and video side-by-side so you can watch and read at the same time.
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Twitter for BlackBerry Updated with More Features


Twiter for BlackBerry is a very successful application. During the official Twitter conference Chirp, we learned that the app is reponsible for a huge number of signups and daily tweets. It’s clear that BlackBerry users are heavy Twitter users. The app is technically still in beta and RIM has now updated the application to version with new features such as:

  • Quote tweets (ability to edit ReTweets)
  • Auto complete for @ usernames
  • Additional photo viewing support
  • View Geotagged Tweets
  • Personal Info Guard
  • Hotkeys for navigation
  • Go to users

Download the latest version from blackberry.com/twitter.

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BlackBerryCool Untethered Episode 4: Kik, Gym Technik, Chirp and Twitter for BlackBerry


This is the fourth video podcast, and the first episode of BlackBerryCool Untethered (thanks Bla1ze). This week, we talk about some new apps released including Kik, Gym Technik, Belladonna and Tvider. The biggest news this week came from the official Twitter conference Chirp, where we learned some really interesting facts about Twitter for BlackBerry. As with every show, we touch on some BlackBerry vs iPhone stats, allowing Rob’s undying love for the Apple platform shine through.

Here are some of the posts we reference:

Kik Offers Free Messaging with Music Sharing App to Come
Kik Unveiled at BlackBerry DevCon 2009
Gym Technik Partner with WiThings Internet Connected Scale
Follow Friday: BlackBerry News and Opinion from the Twittersphere
Inspirational Quotes App Belladonna Free Until May 16th
Tvider Goes Version 2.0 with More Basic Twitter Functionality

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