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RIM is Looking for Input on their Twitter Background



RIM’s Social Media team put up a post asking the community which Twitter background they prefer: @blackberry versus @blackberryblog. There doesn’t seem to be a difference between the two, other than @blackberry has crooked pictures on the side. If you ask me, they should have a white background with a new QR code each week. The QR code would be a link to a free app that RIM would kindly give out to the community for free. It could be a new theme, app or even ringtone. I’m sure there are a ton of developers out there who would be happy to run a giveaway through RIM’s twitter page. Is there anything you would like to see? Which one do you prefer?

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foursquare for BlackBerry officially goes live



Almost immediately after I put up the review, Foursquare became officially available so be sure to check it out. Foursquare version 1.03 has all the basics you would expect from the app and while there are a few frustrations, the overall experience is still really fun.

Try foursquare for BlackBerry by visiting http://foursquare.com/blackberry/ from your browser.

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Official BlackBerry Blog Inside BlackBerry Gets a New Look



Inside BlackBerry have updated their site with a new look as well as more community features. The new layout features:

  • A direct link to the Developers Blog.
  • Link to the Community Post (support forums blog).
  • More MyBlackBerry community promotion.
  • Links to all their social networks (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube).
  • Featured YouTube video from the BlackBerry channel.
  • Twitter feed.
  • Google login.
  • Recent comments section.
  • Tags.

The update looks decent and it makes reading the site a little easier. Overall, I think this is a positive improvement, but I the real value from Inside BlackBerry is going to be from the content. I really liked the most recent article about the trackpad, and I think RIM should put out more of these. At least a feature per day would be ideal.

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[Hat tip @caspan]

RIM official Twitter application semi-confirmed



CB and a few others have found some evidence of the official Twitter client from RIM. We haven’t seen anything in terms of screenshot leaks or details, but hopefully RIM is working on something unique, as there are already a plethora of Twitter clients available. Generally speaking, when RIM is developing an application, it’s because the app will have access to more APIs than a third party developer would normally have access to. This is why they built the Facebook app.

We’re not positive about a release date, but rumor has it the client is in testing and we should expect something before February.

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Official eBay app now available in App World



RIM and eBay have launched a beta version of the official eBay app for BlackBerry. The app was discussed back at the BlackBerry Developer Conference, and is now available for you to try.

The eBay app gives you the ability to buy, pay, and check ebay activity from your BlackBerry. The coolest part of this app is that it pushes status notifications of eBay listings in real-time, to let you know if you’ve won a bid, you’re being outbid, or a listing on your Watch List is ending soon.

Other features include:

  • Add to Calendar – Users can add the end time and reminders for auctions to their calendar.
  • Payments – Users with a PayPal account can purchase directly through the application.
  • Search by Location – Buyers can specify their search for items up to 1,200 miles from their home location.

The eBay app is available in App World.

BlackBerry Media Sync 3.0 now available for download


BlackBerry Media Sync 3

It’s pretty normal for RIM to announce something before it’s available but I thought it would be better to ignore the embargo time of 10AM EST and wait until Media Sync 3.0 was available and I can tell you to go download it. While the official download time is noon EST, I’ve been getting emails saying you can actually go right now and download it.

The latest BlackBerry Media Sync 3.0 adds 2-way photo sync with your PC via files and folders. The latest version is all about making the experience more user friendly and simple, which they have definitely done.

Here is a quick summary of the latest update:
Click through for more about BlackBerry Media Sync 3