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BlackBerry Storm2 9550 features and specifications



The Blackberry Storm2 9550 is official, yet unofficial in that RIM marketing hasn’t put up a press release on their site yet. At least we now have access to the full specs for the BlackBerry Storm2 and while we can always complain about memory, it has some crucial features such as WiFi.

Click through for the full specs of the BlackBerry Storm2 9550

Official MyBlackBerry forum and community registration now available



You can now register for the MyBlackBerry forums and community. There isn’t much there at the moment, but it is the summer and things tend to be a little slow around this time of year. Hopefully things will pick up in the fall when more devices are launched and the community gets a boost.

Also, many users are saying they are having trouble getting in with Google Chrome, so if you’re getting errors, try changing browsers.


MyBlackBerry not available but join the discussion anyways



While RIM assured us that MyBlackBerry would be available to the public this week, it still requires an invitation key. I’ve seen many people on Twitter asking to get an invite, so I thought I’d let you know what’s going on in the community, so you don’t feel left out.

As you may know, the focus of MyBlackBerry is around the forum discussions. The forum is divided into 3 categories: Applications, Tips and Tricks and General. Keep in mind, this is still very much in an early development phase and so the user base is small and the conversations are fairly bland.
Read the most popular discussions on the MyBlackBerry forums

Recent Etisalat update drains the BlackBerry battery significantly



Steve just posted about the most recent Etisalat update having some strange code but there’s more to this update. UAE customers are upset because apparently this official Etisalat upgrade significantly reduces the battery life of the device.

“The problem came up when they sent a new batch to enhance the performance but instead they have killed all blackberry batteries by activating a process inside the phone which empties the battery in less than an hour if not charged,” complained a frustrated BlackBerry customer in the country who wished to remain anonymous.

“All our company employees who installed this batch file has been affected. They claim they are working on it, and the time frame to send a fix is said to be 7 days,” our source added.

So far, the only solution Etisalat is offering involves some basic battery maintenance. This means powering off your device, fully charging the battery, and powering on the device. In general, you should be draining the battery fully and charging fully at least once per month. There’s no word yet if another upgrade will be issued to solve the battery drainage.

Could this battery drainage have something to do with the strange “intercept” code found in the most recent update?


UAE spying on citizens through an Etisalat BlackBerry update?



Etisalat, the carrier responsible for bringing the BlackBerry solution to the United Arab Emirates, released a very suspect official update. A member on the official support forums did some detective work, and found some suspicious code in the update. According to the user:

“Blackberry subscribers for Etisalat (one of the official service providers in the UAE) received a WAP Push to download a JAR named “registration”

The description of the “update” was as follows:

“Etisalat network upgrade for Blackberry service. Please download to ensure continuous service quality.”

I called the operator’s hotline inquiring about the update, and they confirmed it’s an “official” update that’s meant to enhance network stability which users experienced last few weeks, causing email and BBM delays. But anyone with two functional braincells would imagine such an update/fix would be done at the network side, rather than with an obscure piece of code pushed to client handsets as a WAP Push, rather than a service book.

Out of curiosity, I downloaded, unpacked and decoded the file, and can’t help but feel something is fishy here.

Following is a list of the class files within registration.jar:


I put up the original JAD/JAR/COD File along with the unpacked classes and decoded ones in one zip file at http://iihs.net/registration.zip and attached it here for those interested in having a look.

There are interesting references in the software to alternate APN, as well as some BB PINs to relay certain messages through. The whole thing seems VERY fishy.

Any JAVA Developers out there willing to take a look as well and help me make sense out of this?”


Official BlackBerry OS updates for Pearl, Curve 8900 and Bold



BBRocks posted a few official OS updates that we’re all happy to download. Doesn’t it feel good to download an official OS? You know your BlackBerry won’t explode and instead you get to experience an upgrade sans-hassle.

Download the AT&T OS for the BlackBerry Pearl 8110.

Download the Rogers OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8900.

Download the CSL Limited OS for the Bold 9000